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Did any one have a bulge after the surgery?

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Did any one have a bulge after the surgery?  the one I have doesn't really bothring me no pain but after a hard work it feels like very sensitive and  it  looks bigger... I had my surgery on the mid of April 

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Hey Max,

Many of us have the bulge. They have to cut through the muscle, etc. It will be sensitive/tender to the touch for quite a while, as the internal part of the surgery takes a while to heal. You can massage it daiily to help loosen up the scar tissue so it doesn't bulge as much. It helps a bit.

But it also could be a hernia....that is quite common as well. Have it checked out to make sure it isn't a hernia.

Take care!



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Yes, a year and a half later I still have a small "sausage" above the incision site but it's significantly smaller than it was. If this is the worst after effect, I'll take it. But do get it checked for hernia.

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I have the same sausage at the surface as APny, but I have another internal bulge.  My surgery was on my right kidney.  When I twist towards my right side, I feel a knot underneath my scar.  For example, if I am in the driver seat of my car and reach for something in the front passenger side floor, I feel a definite bulge of some type that is impinged upon.  It is not painful, it is just there. Does not bother me.

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One of those extra perks with a neph. Most of it will go away after a year.




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So if it is a hernia am I supposed to have some kinde of pain? which I don't it's only discomfort when I do hard work.. well my six months of SC is coming on November I will aske my Urologist i

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if you cancer is coming back, it won't be a noticeable bulge. Don't worry about that....do get it looked at by your doctor. I also recommend finding an oncologist specializing in RCC for scans vs. a urologist. It may be hard to get an appointment if you were stage I and "got it all". They just know where it can hide a little better and know a little more about looking for it. If you ever have a spread of disease, you already have a doctor you are comfortable with. 

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Thanks all I will take your advice Darron...   ya it is stage one and so far I didn't get lucky to have an appointment with oncologists

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Hey, Max.

I have what a friend refers to as "the baseball."

Showed up after surgery, and it is a sphygelian (how's that for a name?) hernia. They determined this through the scans.

I need to get it fixed, but after four major surgeries in the last four years, the thought of going under the knife again does not appeal to me at all.


You're in my prayers.

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