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Vulva cancer

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Well finished Pet Scan looks good except for mass. Maybe a couple suspect suspect nodes which will get checked in surgery which will be Sept 9th 2015. Can't wait to get this mass out! Any comments on how the surgery heals in that area or advice. Thanks Annett


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Hi ladies, I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with vulva cancer. I had vaginal cancer in 2007, but have no experience with vulva cancer. 2changes, please don't feel like you can't vent here concerning what you're going through. This is one of the safe places, where you should feel free to express all the fear and pain of what you're going through. I know radiation can be painful, I remember using thick ointment, aquaphor cream, on the burns I had on my thighs, and wore  loose summer dresses with boxers when I went out. At home...no undies at all! That helped with the pain until the burns healed. I also had diarrhea and imodium helped a lot with that. These side effects were short term, and slowly went away. Today I have no side effects at all. Hope this helps a little........hang in there! It really does get better.


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