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A get together for DC area folks?

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Hi everyone - I hope you had a great 4th of July.  Found that I was too tired to sit for 3-4 hours waiting for our local fireworks - to say that I was disappointed is an understatement but it's just 10 days since I had surgery.  That said, I walked 3.5 miles on the C&O trail yesterday! I know folks are busy or not necessary feeling their best, but it seems to me there are quite a few of us from the Baltimore-Washington-Northern VA area.  I would welcome a chance to get together and meet you - it could be at our house or at a central location.  Thoughts? 


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I'd love to meet you all, guys, but I live "across the pond' in a small country in Northern Europe :-) :-) :-) 


I am alive
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Hi Linda,

  I think it's a great idea to get together. About 10 or 12 of us in the Philly area did that recently and it was comforting and informative. We decided to meet again in several months. You might have to reach out via private messages to people who you  know are in your area - not everyone trolls the site regularly. Good luck putting it all together! One of the things we took away was - here we were, all stage 4 battling various tumor sites, and WE ALL LOOKED INCREDIBLY HEALTHY!!!  Felt pretty damn good, too! 


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Frederick MD at your service

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70 mi SW of DC near Culpeper, VA

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I cant believe 10 days after surgery, you walked 3.5 miles...


I could be up for something. 


(Vienna, VA)

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Thanks to everyone who responded with interest.  I realize some folks don't check this site very often, if at all, and so it was suggested I go out on Facebook.  I have a confession to make - I don't do Facebook and wouldn't know where to start.  Any suggestions for sharing the idea and getting details out would be greatly appreciated.

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My side of the tracks are Southern Maryland! I think a get together would be great!

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We are in WV and would love to meet more folks and share information, ideas, encouragement.  If this meeting/group does form, please message me.  Sounds like a fantastic idea!

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Thanks to everyone who indicated an interest.  I see folks from MD, VA, and WV.   Sorry I haven't responded sooner but almost immediately after sending this message bragging on my recovery, I hit a post-operative tailspin that is still playing itself out.  That said, I am committed.   I was thinking about Sunday November 1 around 1 PM (we can eat all the leftover Halloween candy).  If you are still up for it, please send me a message at bergo72@hotmail.com.  Let me know how many may come with you and if you have special dietary requirements.  Footstomper, I'm counting on you to be there. 



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