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Memorial Day Weekend - A time to remember those who have passed

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Joined: Jan 2013

May 2014

Joemetz - May

Smokeyjoe - Leena - May

MOOSE74/Eric's Dad - May

Katz2402's brother - June

Barbebard - Barb - July

Karen - scareddaughter24's mum - July

Johnnybegood - Debra - Wolfen's daughter and our forum friend - July

Sandi's husband - August

Dick - Kathleen808's husband - August

Lisa2012 - August

Danker's Beloved wife, Josephine, who passed after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. - August

Christopher - Trapbear/Bill's husband - September

Mealnie - Varmint5/Sandy's daughter - September

Pepe - pepebcn - October

LindaK's husband - November

Jason - Gizzyluv/Kris husband - November

Cynthiapi40's husband - November

mbeaulieu's mother Mary Lou - November

Meowycat’s Mother, Nelly - January 2015
NanaB - Rachel - February 2015
Sundanceh - Craig - Our Lion - April 2015
thxmiker - Mike - April 2015
Beaumont Dave’s wife - May 2015


I know that they are never far from my thoughts, but this weekend even more so. 

May their families and friends be comforted. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Joined: Sep 2012

Rest In Peace, friends ... keeping everyone close in thoughts always

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to them, their family and friends and to all of us. 


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Joined: Jul 2012

Very sad...so many friends that we have lost over the years.

Cathleen Mary
Posts: 827
Joined: May 2011

Thank you for taking this on, Sue.  May we draw on their strength and courage. We remember.


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LuvinLife2, Kathy/Kathleen P, passed away March 12, 2014.  

Kathy brought cheer to a lot of people here with numerous cheerful and encouraging posts in 2009-2011, ~1100 IIRC, unfortunately lost when she felt overtrolled and left.  She returned July'12-Sept'13, a more muted, cautious contributor.  I especially value her comments on her years of extended experience with xel-/folf-/-iri + IV Vitamin C (+K3)  that she added, to stay effective and on treatment with Folfiri when she had been ready to quit. I think she will help others for years to come.   

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Posts: 5422
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because it's Memorial Day, and I want everyone to see and remember.  

OK, we don't really need a list. Most of these folks are in our thoughts one way or another, many times . 

Sue - Trubrit

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So many friends lost to his horrible disease, but thank you Sue for keeing them in our thoughts so that their stories of courage and words of encourgement will stay with us forever.

I remember that Craig once mentioned that he had lost over 300 friends over the years; and now that he has joined them, I'm sure that he's been telling them some great stories up in the heavens.  :)

I hope that all of our American friends had a nice Memorial Day weekend with their loved ones. 

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Dear Sue,

Thank you for keeping the list.

It is difficult to read the names of all those not still with us, yet we also don't want to forget what each brought to this "community".

May they forever be held in our hearts.

Marie who loves kitties

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Joined: Apr 2013

Thanks, Sue, for the remembrance.  I don't visit here too much, it makes me too sad to read about everyone's struggles and brings back too many bad memories.


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My brother passed away last month.  He was only 52 and lasted only 5 months after diagnosis.  My heart still breaks for his loss.  Sad for us all.  Sad to see all the names listed.


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Yours was a hard one, no time to think, nevermind really react and figure things out.  I hope you are having some good days mixed in with the harder ones.  I lost a brother and I know how difficult it is. 

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Joined: Aug 2005

Thank you for this post!!!


I have been with CSN for a VERY long time...and have tucked so many in my heart....


Hugs, Kathi

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Joined: May 2012

2014 was such a depressing year and this year isn't looking much better.  May the list this year just stop and may we all not be on it (knock on wood, throw back some anxtioxidants and  juju dance before the next scan).  It's a very harsh reality sometimes.

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Thank you Sue for posting.  

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