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Hoping for same trial as Lilacbbroller (Karin)

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so, my Onc let me know today when Irenotican and chemo fog, forgot chemo I do evey week, (just did both today)quit working which they might in three months or maybe six months, that I have no options left.  

I asked him about Maryland trial, he said he's been in touch with Standford hoping they would do a likewise trial and so far haven't, that he urged me to go for it.

So here's hoping I can follow Karin and get in to the trial and hopefully before it's too late for me.

Wish me luck, Winter Marie

Fight for my love
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Best luck, Marie. Hang on there.

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Posts: 3642
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it's erbitux I do every week.  

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Hope you get in and kick this in the butt...

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Wishing you the best of luck getting in this trial .. it looks so promising ... I really have good vibes about this route. (((hug))) One day at a time.

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and thinking about you. I pray you keep up the good fight and get into the trial. 


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Howdy - I just PM'd you  Cool



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Heres  hoping you follow Karin in, you've got a running start.

Good luck!

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Good luck winter!  

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I hope you can get in to the trial and that it's effective for you.  

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I feel like this approach has so much promise, so I really hope you get the chance to try it.

Big hugs!

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and good luck to you Winter and Karin. Keep us posted, I'm pulling for both of you.


Cathleen Mary
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I so admire your perseverance, Winter. The trial seems so promising. Prayers that you are accepted and that you and Karin benefit greatly. Pioneers.


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I hope you make it into the trial.

What makes you think it will stop working so quickly? My brother has been on a low dose of irinotecan for quite some time now and so far it is keeping the tumors from spreading/growing. That is the only chemo he is on because of his weak heart. He had been on erbitux at one time. That rash was wicked. They gave him monocycline and a creme which cleared it up pretty quickly.

I hope all goes well and you make it into the trial. I also hope it works and we hear that you've become NED! We all have to hope!


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