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need infor about high-dose IV vitamin C

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Hi dear all,

I read a few articles about high-dose IV vitamin C, I believe it will at least help with reducing the side effects from chemo. Since my husband will start chemo soon, I would like to have him give a try. So if you had experiences with high dose IV vitamin C, please help me with these questions:

1, what dosage of IV vitamin C should be using ?

2, when and how often should it be using?

3, where to get the IV vitamin C and how much does that cost?

4, who does this IV for you and the cost involved?

Thank you very much in advance.




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The Univ of Kansas protocol initially tests for G6PD deficiency and ramps IV C dosage up over 1-2 weeks.  Dosage is sometimes based on Riodan's technique of measuring blood levels of vitamin C.  At our house, it is simply how much C solution my wife is willing to regularly infuse, historically 60-80 grams C, and how long she's willing to sit, ca 1-1.5 hrs. This is running fast, probably too fast.   An IV 1-2x per week is common for cancer patients on chemo, a week is stretching things for us. Another CSN patient here, LuvinLife2, had a clinic in BC that used both vitamin C and K3 with Folfiri, 1-2x per week. She was ready to quit Folfiri when she started IV vitamin C and got years of mileage out of that.    

Previous discussion

Costs are very, very situational, depending on locale, restrictions, your network, skills and efforts.  

Some typical single infusion costs at US doctors' offices range $125-$250, depending on locale and dosage, typically ranging 15-100 grams. Adults under 50 grams is usually too low in our view.

You ability to get and store bulk supplies (C, catheters, sterile water, magnesium chloride or sulfate solution, tubing etc) cheaply is one important area of cost control. Thanks to FDA interference several years ago, costs for the injectable vitamin C liquid concentrate vary wildly. The largest manufacturer then, McGuff started from ~$6.50 per 25 gram vial in 2010 to this current chaos, up to ~$75 in US but delivered under $15 in Canada. Probably various deals elsewhere.  Some of the old time C doctors, like Robert Cathcart, started from pure, sterile sodium ascorbate USP powder, with much, much lower costs. 

Cost of administration is another. In many cases, my belief is that informal home service is likely to be least expensive, if you can find a skilled infusionist/RN who will make stops before work, day off, or on weekends.  Skill of patient preparation and IV insertion are key to long term use. We are capable of many tasks ourselves. One major area of cost and regulation is whether the infusionist stays to the end. My wife isn't left alone but often pulls the catheter herself, an immense improvement in RN schedule flexibility.  Again, specific local conditions and arrangements will vary greatly.  

Also my wife after 5 years of chemo, has to take time release potassium tablets and monitor her blood levels of potassium.  The first year she didn't do anything much with potassium even though she had IV C 3-5x per week.      

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I was hoping you'd post for this person.  You're definitely the expert on Vitamin C in our group!  Traci

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Thank you so much, tanstaafl. It's so nice of you to response my questions. I will print your reply out and let my husband take it with him for doctor's appointment. I truly appreciated your long reply.

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I've had high dose Vitamin C infusions done at a Dr office costing $150-$200 per infusion.  I timed them around my chemo and it really helped with side effects, but was expensive so I eventually stopped. If you live somewhere where you can get the stuff Tanstaafl mentions, it's easier to do yourself.  They've had pretty good success.  Good luck, Traci

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Thank you, Traci, it's so good to know you had personal experience with IV vitamin C. I will support my husband to do whatever we can to minimize the chemo side effects, I want him to have quality of life. We have been so miserable for such a long time, it is important to know that we have options and options do work.

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You may have already found these previous discussions from CSN crc members with direct IV vitamin C experience:

Jan 2013   Pete, LuvinLife2, Tanstaafl

Oct 2012  Traci43 (with Xeliri)

Aug 2012  Pete, Tanstaafl, LuvinLife2, Lepperl

Dec 2010  Lesvanb 9/10  2/11

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I found one mention of $75 IV C from early 2011, that might still reflect previously lower cost C supplies and/or lower doses.  In the 1990's I heard of a place offering 30 grams C for $75 for "general health purposes". 


Fight for my love
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tans, I can't thank you enough. You are the best.  I really appreicated.

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1 Healthy Bob
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Not calling it a cancer treatment but my energy, immune system, and joints are fantastic. It isn't the prescribed course of treatment, (Cut, Burn, Poison), by the AMA. I use a holistic care approach with a ketogenic diet among other interventions.

I did have robotic surgery for the removal of my tonsils and surrounding tissue. About two week recovery time. Had we known now back before surgery we may have let a healthy life style correct the issue.

This information was researched by my wife. My treatment through the course of the first 4 months. Maintenance continuing. Two years and no signs of any reoccurring issues. Not sure if it helps but I feel great.

My holistic Doc is Dr.Robert Grafton - PSI Medical in Wixom and Rochester, MI

Cost $120 for 120g Vit C and B complex

He has a shared office in Grand Rapids, MI - Holistic Care Approach


for first 4 months after Surgery




Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

120,000 mg by IV every 7 days.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

120,000 mg by IV every 14 days.

Vitamin A 10,000 IU capsule take twice by mouth daily.

Vitamin A 3000 IU capsule take twice by mouth daily.

Vitamin E 1600 UNIT capsule Twice daily by mouth.

Vitamin E 200 UNIT capsule Take 200 Units by mouth daily.



Vitamin B complex 50 - 1 tablet twice daily

Vitamin B complex 50 - 1 tablet twice daily

Selenium Take 200 mcg by mouth once daily. (methyl selenic acid is best form)

Selenium Take 100 mcg by mouth once daily.

Ascorbic acid (VITAMIN C) Take up to 5,000 mg by mouth daily. Active tablet

Ascorbic acid (VITAMIN C) Take up to 5,000 mg by mouth daily. Active tablet

Co-enzyme Q-10 200mg capsule by mouth 2 (two) times daily.

Co-enzyme Q-10 60mg or 100mg capsule by mouth 2 (two) times daily.

CALM (Magnesium/Calcium brand) 1 TSP 4 times daily in water

CALM (Magnesium/Calcium brand) 1 TSP 2 times daily in water

Niacin (NIASPAN) 500 mg CR tablet Take 1 by mouth daily. Non-Flushing preferred.

Niacin (NIASPAN) 500 mg CR tablet Take 1 by mouth daily. Non-Flushing preferred.



Caratinoids – 100mg (1 twice daily)

Biotin 1 mg tablet Take 1,000 mcg by mouth 3 (three) Active times daily.

Frankencense oil in lotion rubbed into soles of feet, neck, chest.

Pure Oil put into veg. capsules 3 times a day (we filled ourselves)

tastes aweful :)

Alpha lipoic acid 200 mg Cap Take by mouth. Active


NAC (N-Acetyl L-cysteine 250mg




Methyl-folate 800mcg or more

Flaxseed oil 2 TSP take by mouth or added to foods.

Multi-vitamin Take 1 capsule by mouth daily.

Cannabinoids (Oral dosages)


Cannabinoids are from hemp no THC.


Medical Marijuana:

– Indigo Variety to manage pain as needed

- Sativa for cellular inflammation

L - Carnitine 150mg

(15ml twice a day)


Ketogenic Diet for Cancer – Low/No Carbs

20g-50g/day from veg & fruit

Book – Fighting Cancer with anti-oxidants (protecting the body from Chemotherapy and Radiatio

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Regarding your questions....

1. First iv infusion 10 grams and the dose will be increased every next infusion. 10grams...20grams...30grams until the maximum dose will be reached.

2. At least 3 times per week

3. We are using Vitamin C IV PharmaLife Laboratories (Europe) and paid 30US$ for each bottle of 10grams

4. Anti Cancer Combat and the total cost depends on how much vitamin c iv you want to add...


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