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New Kid in Town -First Post-

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Joined: May 2015

Hi everyone! I stumbled across this board on Google and decided to join. I underwent a right partial nephrectomy in July at Duke University, followed by a diagnosis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma. I'm my doctor's youngest patient to date at 30 years old. My mass was an incidental find on a CT, 3 weeks after having my youngest son (he turns one year old tomorrow).  


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Sorry to welcome you to the club.  A partial with clear cell is a somewhat "good" result, other than the fact it's cancer.  Yuck.  Finding it incidentally truly is the norm.  Oh, the ways it has been found would blow your socks off.  "Pulled muscle, gall bladder symptoms, x-rays or scans for another medical situation, broken bones, etc."  Very few have exhibited the classic symtoms that would make a Dr. say, "I think I'll see if you have kidney cancer."

Sounds like you are doing OK.  And Happy 1st BD to the baby.

There is a depth and wealth of experience and background and knowledge within the group.  But mostly we support one another in finding answers to questions and get ourselves through the next scary test, or wait for the results.

Me-I'm going on 9 years this month, with the original Dx and first surgery in 2006.  Tests this month, but I'm finally at the Chest x-ray and abdominal/pelvic ultrasound stage.  It took me 7 years to get beyond 3mo, then 6 month, and finally yearly CT's.

Life is good.   

But today the weather is in the low 60's, the sun is out and so are the guys who take their shirts off to paint a fence.  Talk about white fish belly!

Have fun getting to know us.


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You didnt say how big your tumour was. Pretty small I would guess if you just had a partial neph. So probably not a lot to worry about (apart from that horrible bloody word).

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Sorry you have cancer. What was the CT all about if you had no symptoms (if I may ask, that is)?

Glad it was a small tumor and I hope you're done with this beast.

Best wishes,


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Although this is a 50 to 70 year old disease we are seeing too many youngsters like yourself applying for membership in our club. At least with a small tumor the odds are heavily in your favor for clear sailing ahead.



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Welcome to our club! Not the greatest initiation to become a member!

I know this is all so scary - especially at such a young age. However, it is an optimal situation out of all the possible scenarios.

If you need any information or support, we are here for you!

And happy first birthday to your wee one!



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Let's see if I can remember all of the questions. Haha Thanks for the warm welcome! :)


Size and location: It was the size of a lime, tucked between my adrenal gland and renal artery. It was not in my kidney, it was external. The location of it was the problem. It was on track to spread to my vena cava then heart, which they projected would've happened with 2 years. My doc went in, did a partial, created a negative margin and only had to remove 15% of my kidney.


Reasoning for the CT: I had complications with my c-section and developed a football sized hematoma. CT was ordered to see exactly what was going on. A CT done in 2010 showed nothing.

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Welcome and glad you found this site!

There are some awesome folks on here, so ask away!

Congrats on your little one, walking yet?

Geez, a C section THEN a giant hematoma!

But it lead you to find the tumor in time.

Are you all healed up now?

Sending you the kindest, warmest thoughts!


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The best I can figure out is that a tumor the size of a lime is about 3.8 cm (the average lime has a diameter of 1.5 inches).

Still fairly small compared to many of us. Some of the other stuff like C sections I couln't really figure out.




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Wow, turns out your baby kind of saved your life! :-) are you getting regular follow-ups post surgery?.

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I'm happy you found yhis board,so many kind carring members are here to help. I was 36 years old when it was discovered last year but mine was large

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Hi and welcome.  My tumor was discovered at 40 and I thought I was young.  Glad that all went well and that you only needed the partial.  

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  Welcome , Hate it when new ones have to  come on board , especially the young ones, My tumor was grated 1b ,been a year now since I had a neph, right kidney removed , had my third chk up April 3rd 2015 next one April 2016 nerd so far, hope all goes well for you and your wee lil one and of course the rest of your family.

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