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3 years since nephrectomy

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Yesterday it was 3 years since my husband had left nephrectomy. He was diagnosed on March 22nd, 2012 with stage IV RCC, mets to lungs , brain and spine at young age of 32.

Today he is doing great after full nephrectomy, 4 rounds of HDIL-2, 4 times cyber knife for multiple brain mets and 3 weeks of radiation for spine met. Hardest part was to wean off from Decadron, evil steroid..After his diagnosis, I became hypochondriac But I feel this forum is great. Got couragement to deal with this monster.

Good luck and many wishes.

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That is wonderful news! Very inspiring too! Thank you for sharing with us.

Here's to continued good health!



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Wishing you also best of health.

Although in January's 6 month scan, there was one 2 mm spot on his lungs but it was too small to say anything. Now they are doing Lungs scan next week to see its status. otherwise he is on  6months scan. I am nervous...

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keep up the tests and the positive attitude.


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WOW What a journey you both have been going through. Glad you came here to get information and support!

Keep us posted. I cannot imagine what you both are going through, but know that we'll walk along side you both if you want us to.

Gentle hugs and healing thoughts!


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I fully understand your nerves about coming scans ( as we all do). But lots of people here have benign lung lesions, so lets hope for the best.

And I also know how hard it is to be a hypochondriac. Please do your best to fight it, it can kill all the joy in life. I had it 4 years ago after first miscarriage and suspected multiple sclerosis, but I got muuuch better. Unfortunately fiance's diagnosis brought some of anxiety back. Sometimes health anxiety can be as destructive as serious disease. Are you fighting it somehow?


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Thank you Jan and Allochka..

I think its normal to get anxious when your loved one or you get diagnosed with something serious but it should not let control your mind and body. I was kind of depressed thoughout 2012 but then realised that my worries are not solution. We have 8 years old twins ( then they were 5), I had to take care of them too. I started Yoga, deep breathing excercises, and NOT to google anything...I think more than anything Google made me depressed..LOL...

I have seen many inspiring people here....It gives you strength..Best wishes to all..

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Actually more than me, my husband's attitude is positive..you know we both get strength from each other.

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