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Awesome fist Votrient scan

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Again, what an awesome fist Votrient scan
Way back in 2011 I had an enlarged mediastinum lymph node located in the subcarinal region, EBUS biopsy was negative for malignancy. It did not change for about 3 years. After catching a cold or for some other reason it went haywire, coughing was my symptom. My cough was so bad or even difficult to breath during my regular running exercise. Doctor rounded up another biopsy to confirmed my RCC was back, that was one week before I was admitted to ER.
December last year, the tumor invaded and obstructed the left main bronchus. They tried EBUS with laser to punch it through without success. CT image showed my left side of the lung was totally white out, it felt like there was a huge boulder against on my chest. Started Votrient right away while I was still unconscious in the ICU. My lung popped open within a week of taking Votrient, very weak but I could breath again.
Yesterday, I finished my 2nd marathon run this year. (Just updated my profile)
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!'ve checked your profile - you are Stage 4 since 2008 and running marathons in 2015. What an inspiration! 

Congrats on good scan!

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That is fantastic. Love hearing stories like this! Congrats on good scan and may it continue for many years to come.

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Congrats on good scan, wow marathon running that is amazing,

Sending Love and hugs to you

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Great news and very inspiring to hear this! Keep up the good work!



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Just absolutely awesome.

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Holy crap, a marathon? Wow, that is amazing. It's very inspiring to hear that this disease can be beaten back with enough willpower from the patient and the doctors. Great stuff. 


- Jay

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Keep on running, keep on living and keep on knocking on heavens door.



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Good luck!!

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A Marathon ....so inpirational ...I walk and sometimes I run a little ..one day I will run a marathon. I am 2 years post nephrectomy after RCC, I will run a marathon oneday.

great work!


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I know what happened to him! I hope one day to limp a mile or so.

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have 89 200mg pills I cannot use.   Drug worked great for a while, but then I built up a tolerance.  I am moving on to a new trial.

 Would be happy to  donate the pills. Good luck with your great scans 

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Good luck!

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