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Verdict in. Round 2 ....here we go!

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Hi Everyone,

Well after having to wait a couple of weeks because of getting previous scans from prior medical facility the verdict is in.  What was a 5-10% chance of a tumor recurring in my right kidney after a partial nephrectomy in 2012 has become a reality. This new doctor is also convinced that the pain I began having a few months ago is not related to the cancer, however it is exactly what sent me three years ago to be checked.  I thank God I had this pain again!

Scans from 2013 look clean and scans taken a couple of weeks ago show a tumor about the size of a golf ball in the lower portion of the kideny in a position too difficult to do a partial nephrectomy. Also new, is some hydronephrosis from a kinked ureter that was not there before.  Since I had surgery in that area 3 years ago there is a lot of scar tissue, so the plan is to remove the 2/3rd that's left of that kideny through another OPEN incision.  I told doctor that it was ok since I was not going to be wearing any bikinis Tongue Out

With kidney function already low we are hoping that it does not drop by 50% when the right kidney come out (chances are that kidney was not fully functioning anyways).  Surgery is scheduled for this coming Tuesday!  Not wasting any time! :)

Thank you all for listening (reading) my post.



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Sorry to hear about recurrence! But there are no mets detected anywhere, tumor is only in the kidney. They'll cut it out and you'll be NED again. To me it sounds much better than detecting distant mets which can't be resected.

Good luck with surgery, keep fighting! 

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But good luck with the surgery

I am alive
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There is a positive spin to be had. No mets is gold, so go to your surgery with a peaceful heart. Hope you heal fast and this becomes just something else in the rear-view mirror!

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Sorry to hear that you have to endure this again. Wishing you all the best with the surgery and recovery!



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you have to go through this again.  I will be praying for you.  THoughts and prayers your way!

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Thank you all for your support!

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What a shame you have to go through this again. Wishing you the best and a quick recovery.

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I'm so sorry to hear that you need to have surgery again.  I totally agree with you, "thank God for the pain" that alerted you.  And be proud of yourself for following up on it right away.  Well, at least you know what to expect this time in regards to surgery and recovery.  I hope that part helps the nerves.  Good luck to you.  We will be thinking of you.   Annie

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Who said you can't wear a Bikini!!.  Sounds like you are on track to get things taken care of. It's never easy to deal with a recurrence or new growth----I know from experience.

But so glad the test spotted it and your symptoms made you look into what was happening.  To a successful surgery and recovery.


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One crack at a neph is enough already. Hopefully with a small tumor you will have a full and complete recovery this time.

Unfortunately yours is not the first I have seen where their was recurrance in the balance of the kidney after a partial. I never had that choice as 13 years ago as they were not doing partials.

I leave it to those above me on the pay scale to evaluate whether and under what condition a partial should be performed.



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Thank you all for your support!  I agree, IceMan, that maybe the entire kidney should have been taken out three years ago.

Putting things in perspective, I was able to visit with a new friend I met here in Iowa who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in February.  She underwent one mastectomy in March and will have the other after she completes chemo-therapy (called Red Devil which is the worst) and radiation.  She is only 44 years old with six beautiful children (boys) and she and her husband are trying to keep several businesses open (restaurants).  Let's say, I feel very blessed.

I will be back soon, so you all take care!

God Bless,

~ Bonnie 

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Good luck to you

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