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Sandy - did you get good scan results?

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I hope so!

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I did get good news still NED!  I know I should be happy but I can't get over the guilt of other people fighting and I'm not.  I don't feel like I deserve it any more than anyone else.  With NanaB gone and Craig and your husband fighting and everyone else, it just seems unfair.  Thank you for asking.  How is your husband? Results tomorrow?


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Great news!

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and forget about the guilt. 

We are all rejoiycing this good news, and so should you. Not one single person here wishes you back in the race. Let us fight with you by our side, but you.. well girl, you enjoy every single moment of being alive, and enjoy those precious little ones. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Hey Sandy, My doctor said that is a perfectly common reaction.  I was excited to be NED too but had mixed emotions because shortly after that both Lena and Barb died and I had been talking to them regularly and then it was as if one by one people on the board went one after the other.  It was harsh.  I was pretty angry at life.  My doctor also said it is not uncommon for people with cancer to not to know what to do with themselves after treatment is over, having to return to a "normal" life, get back into full time work, sort of a PTSD.  She sent me to a shrink where we talked about how to go on with life when you see so many people dying while the rest of the world happily moves on.  I found it very useful.  I wouldn't have gone on my own.  One day her nurse just called and said "the doctor scheduled you with . . . ." and so I went and it wasn't terrible.  Day after day it just got better and now two years out, I have whole days where I forget I even had cancer.  Haven't made it through a week yet but I hope to eventually.

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This is good news to hear and best wishes for continuing great health. 

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As others have said, guilt can be a normal reaction to watching others pass.  But you have yourself and others to live for. I can't speak for everyone else but for me, just starting out, I'm going to look for and grab hold of any positive news I see in here so please... more good news is always welcome.


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Sandy! Post good results because we need the hope and encouragement, I'm really happy for you!


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That is wonderful news.  Don't ever be afraid to share that great news with the rest of us.  It is most promising.


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Yes, I do enjoy my sweet Grandbabies!  Also my twin boys are graduating in May, something I never expected to see.  They both will be going together to the same college. 

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That's great news!!!  Will the boys be going to college at home or dorming?  My son is going to go to upstate NY and try dorming.  I told him if he doesn't like it, he can come home after one semester of giving it a try.  My daughter had a blast when she moved out so hopefully this one will also.

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is always appreciated!  It's great to hear some good news!  Prayers for many more. 



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