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Nanab passed away

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Unfortunately, NanaB is no longer with us. It's sad. Rachel had such a presence. She was a fighter!  Her imput on the board as well as our personal conversations will be greatly missed.  i had hoped to meet her in person, but it didn't work out.  It's so hard to digest.  She will be greatly missed.



Fight for my love
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very very sad. My heart is so heavy. My heart goes out with her family. It is too bad to lose another friend. life sometimes is so bad.

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I don't want to believe this. It can't be. 

How did you find out? I just looked at her FB page, but no mention on there. No, of course I believe you. I just DON'T WANT TO. 

OK! I do see it on the other FB page. 

I can't believe it. I just can't believe it.

Sue - Trubrit


Fight for my love
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I can't believe it either. It was so coincidental that I just refreshed the page and saw this post. I felt my hair was standing up.

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Ugh. dammit. I'm so upset. that is too bad. I'll miss her recommendations for healthy eating and drinking.  I'm glad she got to go to Gerson though because it's what she wanted, and what she believed in.

my sympathies to her family


Cathleen Mary
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Oh, this is hard. So sad. My heart and prayer is with her family....and with all she touched here on this forum. May the amazing woman she was always be a consolation to her family.




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This is so sad.  Ugh I hate cancer, just not fair.    

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Sending my deepest condolences to NanaB's family ... my heart stopped when I read this .. literally skipped some beats.  This news really shook me tonight. Such a beautiful lady with so much to share.  A true inspiration for healthy eating and positive, upbeat thinking.  Truely amazing woman. 

NanaB will be missed ... Cry


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Oh dear, my stomach simply dropped out when saw this post.  My deepest condolences to Rachel's friends and family.  She was an inspiration to many here and will definately be missed by her virtual family on this board.

With sympathy,


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Oh I can't believe it - she was such a great warrior 

For so long - helping so many of us - she fought the great fight against theugly beast

and she beat the crap out of it for a long time-- but when god smiles big it's peacetime -

May she rest in peace - she was awesome loved her!

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feeling an ache in my heart. She was one of my first cyber friends when I came onto the board. I also knew her through Facebook. Peace to her and her family, I knew she was loved and went surrounded by love. I'll miss her. Yeah, I hate cancer.


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So sorry. Its both a good thing to be on this board for a long time ( 8 years) and a sad thing. The losses mount and it just hurts. All my best to those who knew her better, who helped and loved her.


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   With each loss a little bit of us goes as well. Over many years it takes a real chunk out of our hearts. I just read and accept now , what else can we do but support and mourn. Ron.

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Another person who gave of themselves here on the board to help others is now gone.

Let us honor her and those who have passed before her by helping each other and those who may yet need to find their way here.

Rest in peace dear Rachel.  Prayers for those left behind who loved her.

Marie who loves kitties

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Still trying to process this from reading it on facebook. She was a real sweetheart.




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I hardly know what to say about this.  I will miss her.  I had heard on Monday that she was not doing well, I just had to lay down and cry.  I just feel numb by all the loss.  It is so unreal.

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I am broken hearted that our dearest Rachel has passed on.  I have loved her and her beautiful spirit for many year.  Rachel, you were a gift to us and a gift especially to your incredible family.  You will be unbelievably missed but you will never be forgotten.  Into peace my friend.




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So damn sad news. She was really special and will be missed

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Another tucked safely in my heart....


Hugs, Kathi

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Rachael now flys with the Angels.  Rest in peace dear one. 

Hugs - Tina

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Here I am with Nana.  Nana is the beauty with the lovely short grey hair. 

She was fun, strong, loved her family, loved her friends. What a privilige it was to have met her, though I confess, it makes the loss even harder. 

Love you, NanaB - Rachel. 

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This is absolutely devastating. My heart sunk when I saw the post. I never gets easier losing friends on this board. In fact losing Nana is especially hard. I pray that she is at peace now and that her family will manage to find some comfort for the devastating loss.

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Gosh, didn't think she was that bad.  You just never know.  I guess you always think you have years and really it could be just days. Rest in Peace dear Rachael.  We will miss you!  Love the picture Sue, smiling!


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I'm so sorry for her family.  It's just unfair to lose someone at such a young age.  

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Very sad news, she has been a wonderful presense on this board for many many years.  I hope she passed peacefully with her beautiful family around her.  

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This really saddens me! She was such a fighter. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family! Godspeed, Nana b. We will miss you!


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Sad Day... RIP Nana

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so sad may u rest in peace rachel



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This was a shock. She was always there to offer advice and boost someones spirit. May she rest now, free of pain and that stupid cancer.

Linda and Mom

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My heart is heavy and filled with sadness at this news. Cancer is relentless and has taken my husband, my daughter, and so many good friends from this forum.

My condolences to her family and friends. She will be fondly remembered.



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I've been off the boards for awhile and didn't realize that she was that bad.  I'm so sorry to hear that.  She was always such a wonderful inspiration on this board.  My heart and sympathy goes out to her family.  So very sad.


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RIP NanaB. And Love to NanaB's family and friends during this time of loss.

One day we will all shine. Brighter than we ever did during our time on earth. And on that day there will be sadness and joy.  Separated by the door through which we all pass. One side great sadness and the other side great joy and celebration.

NanaB, I have faith that you are celebrating today.

Love and Light to us all.


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This just gets harder and harder.

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Nanab was such an inspiration to us all.  My condolences to her family.  She will be missed.  

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Diane Tavegia wrote me on facebook and told me to give my sympathy to her family.


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no words, just very very sad. It is not easy to see the list grow of all the beautifull people who have past through this board. Enriching our lives, helping and giving us strength to go on. 

Love and peace dear Nanab. 

Hugs, Marjan

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I cannot believe that another person has left us.

I truly enjoyed her posts and she was a real fighter.

My sympathy to her family.

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she did it her way - and that's alll each of us can do.

the Gerson is a tough regimen to follow especially with the body wore down from years of fighting.  I was hoping some good news from her regarding this approach,

i am very sorry to hear about her passing and wish her family sincere condolences and strength for the days ahead.


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Nana B was a good spirit on the board. She had a lot of positive advice and information that she shared. A sad day indeed. RIP Nana B You will be remmebered as a fighter.


Best Always,  mike

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NanaB you will be sorely missed.  She was so helpful and full of information.  I will miss her.  May she rest in peace. 

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