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Went to my onc today

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Just a small update to my last post from a couple weeks ago. I did indeed go ahead and see the oncologist and I told him what my urologist had told me at my 3 month post-op visit about not needing any further follow up because I was "cured". Also mentioned to the onc how no one had told me about needing, at a minimum, chest x-rays annually for 3 years. He agreed that would be minimal follow-up but said he'd rather do abdominal and chest ct scans annually for 3 years, so he's set me up to have scans in 6 months, since I had my last one 6 months ago. Other than that I had some blood work done today and that was perfect he said. So all is well so far, at least now I don't feel so alone and adrift.

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Things are going as they should! Hope you feel better now about it all! 

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It's great that your onc has a good plan for your follow up. I think all RCC patients should be vigilant and advocate for themselves. It gives me peace of mind when I follow up my health issues.

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I am proud of you!! Thank you for sharing!



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Sounds like you have a plan.  Keep up the good blood work too!


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