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Sutent Update

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Ok, 10-days down. On 50mg take late afternoon. Some issues with mouth/tongue but minor. Some issues with "movements" but they are minor and considering I had constipation for 7+ months on the clinical trial I am OK with how things are going now. Joint pain from the clinical trial is going away. Still have fatigue but considering my Thyroid and Adrenal Glands no longer work I guess I am doing OK. Yesterday I gave in to my body and took a 4 hour afternoon nap followed up by an 11 hour nap at night. I guess I was tired...lol

Did have a little episode of stress about a week ago which put me in ER with BP of 177/108. Not Sutent related. I think it was stress (seeing Doctor today) related and everything kinda came crashing down over a multi day period. Guess I need something to help me level out and let go of some of the stress. I am learning that it is better to give in and ask for the meds and take the meds instead of waiting till the last moment and having to see the Doctor--like today.

Since I started the trial about 11 months ago my lung mets have shrunk, my thyroid met is the same, 2 nodes that shrunk are now back to their orignal size, and I have a new node about 2cm. All in all I guess it wasnt a bad 11 months. Will have my first Sutent CT Scan in about 4 weeks and hoping for the best.

Finally, put 35 pounds on once I started the Adrenal meds and feel like ****. Need to try and get that weight off but I am told it wont be easy. Feel like I am waddling around when I walk....what do they say weebles wobble but they dont fall down.





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Maybe the doc can give you the magic mouthwash if it is still sore. I know others took that as well.  What did they give you for the adrenals? Just curious how it made  you put weight on.  Hope you get great scans and feel better!

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Hey Dancnbear1 glad to see you still have your sense of humor and considering what you have been through it makes it that much more special. I am hoping you get really good results from the Sutent in 4 weekS.

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