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MtX's to brain...scared out of my wits

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I have not been on this board in a while.  Fighting the battle and just now discovered colon cancer metasticies to the brain 5ea tumors, one is 2.5cm in size with swelling causing left side motor function issues.


As you may imagine, this takes the battle to a new and scary level.  Brain involvement was known possible but did not seem likely.  Six years in I thought I was in a chronic disease phase with a slow growing cancer.  Not anymore!


My progression has been, colon to liver to lung and now brain.  Anyone out there with similiar progression?  I would love to hear your story, looking for some encouragement.


Keep up the good fight as I will too.



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I am sure you are scared out of your wits. What devestating news! 

I can't help you with the question about brain mets. I know they are rare for CRC patients, and I am so very sorry that you are facing yet another battle. 

All I can do is pray or send massive good thoughts your way. I read your profile page; you are a fighter for sure, and you will fight this. I can't even begin to imagine the awfulness of it all. 

Come visit us often. We can't cure you but we can support you. 


Sue - Trubrit

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I wish I could help, but there isn't much I can tell you, however, my neighbor who has been NED for over 15 years (stage IV colon cancer, he had my same oncologist, found all this out after I found out I had colon cancer) fell in his house 8 weeks ago, his grandson found him and he was taken to the hospital where they decided to do a CT scan of his brain to make sure he didn't hurt anything when he fell (he is 78 years old) they found numerous tumors in his brain one was very large which they cut out  that week, (it was what was affecting his motor skills) he then went to physical therapy for two weeks and had radiation to the rest of the tumors.  I know 8 weeks isn't a lot to go by, but he is doing well, walking around seemingly fine.  

Will be hoping for nothing but the best,

Winter Marie

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We have been here on this site along time together.  Thanks for the note and especially the story of your friend.  Brain met survival stories are what I desperatelyy need.



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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment improved neurophysiologic performance in brain tumor patients after neurosurgery and radiotherapy


"A remarkable finding of the current study was the relatively favorable survival of the patients with brain tumors,

  who survived for an average of almost 8 years after HBOT despite unfavorable histology."


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Tony (MWNN) has more info and posted radically improved brain scans at Colonchat about his family's cancer experience with HBOT.  I don't know anybody that has put more effort into finding various technical ways to slay the beasts than Tony.  I think he's on to something good.

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Hi Mike,

I don't know anything about that but wanted to say Mom and I will be praying for you. I'm sure you are scared (I would be also). Try and stay strong. There are many here who will keep you in our thoughts.

Take care,

Linda and Mom

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Maybe I missed it in your OP but, what were the symptom that led to the discovery of the metastasis to the brain?  My Oncologist told me that braim mets from mCRc is rare and not something I should worry about.  Matter of fact to date a full body including skull has been deferred.  So I have nothing to offer from the medical experience side of my cancer journey except to tell you how scary the thought of mets to the brain is for me.  

You've been at this for a while and know that this is a rollercoaster of emotional drain with slow climbs full of hopefullness.  Followed by hideous feelings of falling as the roller coaster tram gets to the top of the climb.

Try to take it one day at a time if you can.

Best wishes,


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I am so sorry for this new complication for you.

In the years I have been coming to the board, there have been several folks who had brain mets.  The progression you mention is I beleive what they had.

If I remember correctly, one had full brain radiation while another had gamma knife surgery several times.  I am not sure what else may be available. 

Wishing you best results with whatever you try.


Marie who loves kitties


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I am very sorry for the bad news. Probably some targeted radiation will be one of your options.


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I'm sorry, I have no information for you. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you're going through such a tough time and have had such a scary diagnosis. I sincerely hope it will turn out okay. Prayers for you.

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It is good to hear from you but I am very sorry for the reason you are writing.  I do not have answers but want you to know we are here for you as you go forward.  You have been an amazingly strong fighter during these years.  My prayers are with you.



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update on my 78 year old neighbor.  His daughter had him staying at her house after he got out of the hospital cooking for him and everything since he lives alone. She would make trips over here to his house so he could get things etc., and I was able to see how he was doing several times a week as we'd spend half an hour talking when he came over 

On Monday due to his recovery from surgery and his radiation being over, he has moved back home, alone, and is driving and doing well.

Just wanted to update you. And am wondering how you are doing getting your mind wrapped around your diagnosis and what the game plan is.

Winter Marie

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I'm sorry for your recent prognosis and really can't give you any info.  There have been some on the board that have experienced this and I'm sure they will help you more.  My thoughts and prayers to you.


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are scary. i had benign brain tumors a few years ago. They were removed with gamma knife. While it wasn't cancer it was unnerving. My prayers and good thoughts. 



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