Is my dad dying????

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Dad had a heart attract sept. 19, that's when they found the mass on his left upper lung and removed it 4 weeks later, after they removed it they said it was soft ball size with 1 of 7 lymph nodes involved, what are we really looking at??? My dad and I are extremely close, but for whatever reason he won give me( a nurse ) access to his records anymore! My brother and I are flipping out wanting answers that he cannot give us( he's very confused) he said( and this may be wrong stage 3 b)


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    He may be trying to spare you while he adjusts.

    This is not an automatic death sentence any longer.   I had a large tumor with metastesis.  Stage 4 over four years ago.  I enjoy a good quality of life and spend days doing things I love.  

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    There is no right answer


    I am SO sorry for what your Dad and family are going through. Your question is a tough one. Lung cancer isn't an automatic death sentence any more. There are many treatments - Chemo, radiation, etc that can help stop or slow the disease. It really depends how your Dad's specific cancer reacts to these treatments. As a nurse, I'm sure you realize the survival rate is very low. My husband had stage 3b and survived 3 years after diagnosis.  The best advice I can give is to just love him and respect whatever decisions he makes as far as treatment/no treatment goes.

    In my prayers,