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LGLL T-cell

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My Daughter has just been diagnosed with LGL T-cell Leukemia, she is 40 years old she was first diagnosed with " Hepatosplenic Gamma Delta T-cell Lymphoma " which we were told is very rare and very aggressive, but as her symptoms did not at all fit that profile, except for the enlarged spleen, more tests were done and final diagnosis after 2 months of pure agony is LGL T-cell Leukemia, the non-aggressive type, and believe it or not this called for a celebration !!!! we are extremely relieved, I guess its the lesser of two evils. Is there anyone out there with this type of cancer, not much is found online as it is also a very rare type, her RBC is 76, her neutrophils are normal, she has just started "Methotrextate" on a low dose of 14mg once a week, but the side effects are horrendous she constanlty has a slight high fever, always tired and need to sleep, nausea and bad taste in her mouth.

Would love to hear from anyone with same horrible disease .

Prayers to all.


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Hi monda - here's the link



Good luck to your daughter!

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