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New cns lymphoma growth

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Hi. Can't believe we are here again. 4 yrs of remission last mri. 8/1 was cleanfriday 9/5 showed new growth. 

I need some help making a plan. I don't know if more treatment is available or wise  

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Hi leprechaun2,

Bad news like that is tough to face.

I think that only the doctors can judge what treatment is advisable.

I wish you courage and energy to accept and deal with this new situation.


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The mri that showed the relapse was during an inpatient for fever of unknow origin.  His liver enzymes were high and his immune response was limited.  Blood clots in the right leg. 


I believe the time for fighting is over.  He is comfortable today.  That's enough for now. 

Mary N.
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Hi,  I'm so sorry that it has come back.  Have you had an opportunity to meet with your oncologist or team?  I'm not sure what options are available but I know that it is one of those things that I worry about for when mine comes back.  I will be thinking about you and hope that there are options your doc can suggest.  I've only had Rituxan and high dose MTX and my doc did say that they would probably try the high dose MTX if they return but not sure of your circomstances.  Many hugs and thoughts are sent your way!

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I hadn't seen you post in a while. I'm sorry to read the tumor is back. I will be praying. My hubby is fighting his recurrence of his Anaplastic Oligodendrgliomangrade 3 as well. God Bless! keep strong! Both of you!

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We have had four years cancer-free. That has beena gift. 

I am grateful for the wisdom and grace I have found here. 

I pray for you and your husband and for all fighting cancer 

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