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Topic for Newbies and Radiation

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With all the new people coming to the breast boards here on CSN, I thought it would be helpful for us to give hints, tips, basic information on how to handle radiation and the related drugs given during radiation, side effects tips, nutritional information etc.

I have been seeing quite a few new people coming into the chat room (not necessarily just bc'ers) and thought it would be helpful to have an updated topic about this. (Then I could direct people to this topic in the chat room as well. I didn't have radiation, so I rely on passing on information I learn from everyone here).

Would you all be so kind as to write out your tips for radiation again here?

Posts: 1191
Joined: Dec 2010

bumping up hoping someone can help out here!!

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I honestly had NO side effects (NO burning, fatiuge, tired etc) BUT I am sure other will post great suggestions.



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