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WHere can I go for help? Eviction next week. Been out of work w/out pay since cancer surgery in March followed for 7 1/2 weeks chemo/radiation

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That sucks, the same thing happened to Chef Daddy Mike. All people want these days is they money it does not matter if you are sick or not. Where is the OBAMA help for people like us? I had my C come back three times and I am still alive with all kinds of side effects but must work every day or I will lose everything I have worked many years for.

I wish you well my friend

Tim Hondo

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Please remember that there are two sides to every coin. My husband and I own a condominium that we rent out. We rely on that income. As I'm sure you know, insurance doesn't cover everything. We have spent, out of pocket, some $20,000 on medical expenses this year alone. Yes, I work full time despite ongoing treatment for my cancer as well as for side effects of that treatment, but we still need that rental income.

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Well first call the american cancer society. they sometimes give out gift cards and might give you some other numbers to call. Also, look for charities that can help you financially.  Some charites are specific to the type of cancer you have, some are not. The hospital that you get your care from will also have a department that can help you out. Usually some type of counsler that will have certain aid options. But of ocurse all these options take time so if you looking for some quick help, you might have to try something else. 

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Honestly talk to anyone, put in an application for public housing, talk to a social a hence.  I feel badly about anyone in this predicament.   It will not be immediate solutions but its a definite get out and go to it!  Hang in there you have survived this far.

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Liver cancer
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I was put on SSD as soon as my diagnosis was confirmed by the doctor, terminal status. 16 yrs later I am ALIVE, NED 5/24/2018, and in 2 yrs I will be considered healthy enough to sustain myself.

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