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Rakendra Report

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Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul. 

William Ernest Henley

   Hello friends.  This is a report on the last 17 months since the discovery of my Stage 4 with very advanced bone matastases.  I chose the treatment of Orchiectomy and taking Casodex.  This is a report on the result of those treatments.  My cancer has never been a problem.  Never any side effects, pain, or weak bones.  The treatment has been a disaster.  Here are the treatment side effects for me.




Loss of energy


Emotionalism – crying, confusion

Rapid aging

75% loss of strength

Total change of body

Loss of appetite

Tired continually

Very difficult to exercise

Continual hot flushes

4 inches added to stomach

    I have changed from a super active, very strong, healthy 81 year old to an old, feeble man at 82.  Now, I can hardly get up out of a chair.  I used to be one of the strongest guys in the gym, and now I am the weakest.  I take full responsibility for my past decisions, and for the ones I am now making.  I have aged 15 years in the last 17 months, and I think it is because of lack of testosterone.  I have stopped the Casodex and will start testosterone therapy ASAP.  My quality of life is not acceptable at present.  I am tired, old, and worn out.  I cannot go to the mall without needing a place to rest every ten minutes.  Maybe the testosterone will accelerate the cancer, and in the end kill me.  But I feel with certainty that my body is telling me that the present treatment will also kill me with a heart attack or stroke.  When I die, I will go out on MY terms.  I choose to be the master of my fate, and not some doctor who may be as misinformed as the doctors of old who cured by draining the patient’s blood.

      I am going to listen to my body.  Just as now I am an old feeble man, I know I can reverse that with weight training and testosterone.  I have all my affairs in order, and length of life is no longer a question or important.  Quality of life is my priority now, and living as I am now is no longer an option.  I am now changing my treatment program to the ideas expressed here:  http://blogs.naturalnews.com/from-quantum-physics-to-end-of-life-planning/

  By the way, two weeks ago I had a MRI.  I wanted to know if the cancer had spread.  The report was that the cancer was exactly the same now as 17 months ago.  The only involvement is in the bones and prostate.  My prostate has shrunk from 100 grams to 30.  So, my doc thinks the treatment has been successful.  We certainly have a conflict on what “success” means.  I am fully aware of the supposed risks of TRT with stage 4 Pca, and I accept those risks.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3424887/

Bicarb of Soda and Cancer

  I take a teaspoon and ½ of bc twice a day.  Some say that twice that is needed.  The purpose of bc is to produce an alkaline body, which is healthier than an acid body.  I also drink PH 9 water.  Some say that an alkaline body inhibits cancer growth.  I had two caretosis on my left hand, one medium and one small.  I rubbed Bs on these and in one month, they were gone.  Here is an interesting discussion on cancer and alkaline: http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com/ph-and-cancer.html#sthash.KGtyWNoZ.YxOOSIK6.dpbs

Now, these guys are peddling natural cancer cures, and may be totally bogus, but there is some interesting reading in any case.  I may try their supplements and will get back.


   I have added the following to my supplements.  Cocoanut oil, BCAAs, and conjugated linoleic acid.    I also drink cocoanut water every day and eat Guaynabo.  My diet is as before, but I tend to eat more raw foods than before. 

   Look, there are no right or wrong decisions with Pca.  It is not a case of what fits one fits all.  No one can foretell the outcome of whatever treatment is chosen.  In my case, if given the chance to start over, I would now without question refuse ANY treatment.  Of course, I am quite old, and I think older guys may realize that life is about over in any case, and therefore make the decision that gives you quality of life rather than quantity.  I have learned not to trust most doctors, but to trust those who have PROVEN themselves to be looking at my well fare and not the well fare of the dr’s bank account, and there are many of those in the medical profession.

Courtesy of Vasco Da Gama, here are my earlier posts.  There is also a list of my supplements here.


   With much love, Swami Rakendra




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I am glad for reading another post of yours. The report and the poem. It seems that you finally decided in giving a try with TRT. You know that T will decrease as soon as you give up with the patches, so that you can return to present status in case you wish for that.
Cancer will also enjoy the new environment and still grow but even without T it would be there and die with you. Nothing would change this “format”.

Quality of Living is now your “moto”. You are the master of the obvious and your fate.
Knowing what you want and how to reach it with deep knowledge of the consequences will be important in the decisions ahead. There have been many posters describing their fate with Supplements or Holistic medicine. None have reported cure.
Aspiring to reach to the same high levels of past experiences may be futile and depressive if one does not see it happening. My lay recommendation is that you follow a balanced life style. Listen to your body and accept its responses.

Here is an interesting graphical of the Power of Hydrogen (pH) in food and water solutions. The concept seems to be good information but there is much scepticism about treatments based solo on the acidity or alkalinity (pH) concentrations;

The American Institute for Cancer Research says this;

"... The unsubstantiated theory is based on lab studies that suggest cancer cells thrive in an acidic (low pH) environment, but cannot survive in alkaline (high pH) surroundings. While these findings are accurate, they apply only to cells in an isolated lab setting. Altering the cell environment of the human body to create a less-acidic, less-cancer-friendly environment is virtually impossible.

While proponents of this myth argue that avoiding certain foods and eating others can change the body’s pH level, these claims stand in stark contrast to everything we know about the chemistry of the human body. Acid-base balance is tightly regulated by several mechanisms, among them kidney and respiratory functions. Even slight changes to your body’s pH are life-threatening events. Patients with kidney disease and pulmonary dysfunction, for example, often rely on dialysis machines and mechanical ventilators (respectively) to avoid even small disruption of acid-base balance."



I hope the impairment caused by lack of T has not affected your love throughout Mindanao, its people and way of living.

Best wishes,



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Thankyou for a very meaningfull post, rakendra. I followed the first link ( quauntum physics/end of life) and added a comment to it since it was such a profound article. You are streets ahead of most in the spiritual

 journey and it shows in your decision to change direction at this point but I could see it also in your previous posts - in your philosophy, wisdom and your regular message of love. 

I agree with all that Vascoda Gama said especially about changing back again further down the line if you wanted to.

But I wanted to tell you about a  supplement on the market called pome-t The capsules contain broccoli, turmeric, pomegranate and green tea and nothing else.The important thing about this particular natural supplement is that it has been tested in a double blind, placebo, controlled, randomised trial etc. etc. You may want to check out cancernet.co.uk/pomi-t.com for more details. 

Meanwhile may I wish that you feel the closeness of God as you live this life and continue in your journey of enlightenment.





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Thanks for your replies.  Djbuk here is a thread from the spirituality board that I posted a year ago: http://csn.cancer.org/node/263139

You may enjoy it.  I have been meaning to add two more pages one showing how even when there is appearance of being separate, we in truth are really One.  And a second explaining how there are two worlds, one that man created (a false world) and the only real world of the Creator.  I also take the supplements you suggested, and enjoyed your other post.  Thank you.

   Now, back to the chase.  I have done more research (a lot from Vasco’s posts) and have a new conclusion.  It appears that at some point the HT will fail.  In my case the average fail time is 18 months – a rather pointless figure as this is median only.  Being as my cancer appears to be halted, it would seem wise to wait a few more months to see if I get a rise in my Psa.  I would also appreciate a comment about my Psa of .7.  The test before this was 1.4, a steady drop from 200, but I started taking Finasteride after the 1.4 test.  In reading other posts it seems guys are getting readings of close to .00 for success.  I doubt I will ever get there.  Should I be hoping for a reading of .oo?

    My worry was about the heart which seems to kill many Pca sufferers before the Pca gets them. So, I did a heart scan.  Result was that my heart is exactly as it was 17 months ago.  Resting pulse is 57, and heart is good.  However I have been taking conjugated linoleic acid and flaxseed oil which I have read is not heart friendly, and I should stop these.  I need to start swimming and water walking again, but energy levels are low now, but this is good for heart.  I appreciate any feed back.

   Love, Rakendra


PS  I am late replying as I have been in Singapore, a really lovely and interesting place.  The Marina Bay Sands Casino is absolutely amazing and truly one of a kind in the world of resorts and gambling.

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Hey Swami R....I just came over here after a long gap and saw your posts. Yes... this ADT is an obnoxious treatment. I am going to read all your info in the next day or so. WIshing you much love, Moonlitnight and Don

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I am not an expert and know little about supplements. However, the flaxseed oil is considered good in arteries therefore good for the heart. The Linoleic acid is an unsaturated omega-6 fatty which is regarded as essential, meaning that your body requires it for health purposes but cannot produce it so you must obtain it through your diet. Saturated fatty acids are generally thought to promote heart disease, while unsaturated fatty acids are considered to be a healthier source of dietary fat.

You could add in your diet the best Monounsaturated fat OLIVE OIL. It can help to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Just for fun: I use linseed oil in my paintings which is made out from Linoleic acid. It combines and smooses the collor oils I use. A real red heart.


Best VG

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I will update my condition, but first about Gerovital.


Now, I have injected GH3 for 45 years as a health aid, an anti-depression med, and as an aging delayer.  Because of its many benefits, I strongly recommend that Pca suffers should look at this seriously.  Of course, even though GH3 has been on the marked to 60 years with hundreds of tests showing its benefits, the FDA has banned it in USA for not being effective.  Now something is keeping my cancer at bay, perhaps it is GH3.

   Update:  After deciding to do TRT, everything changed before I could start.  I worked out for one year with NO results.  No pump, no gain in strength, nothing.  Then after deciding to do TRT, but not doing it yet, I got a pump in my workout. So now no need for TRT.  Now, if I can get a pump, I can build muscle, so I started working out six days a week and eating six times a day.  I got stronger and much bigger and now weigh 196.  I am going to compete again in Mr. Davao in Feb.  I have been studying http://www.dr-ronlaura.com/matrix.html and looking at all of the videos especially of the new techniques.  On Monday, I will start a new program of five days a week working out three times a day four  days a week and doing whole body one day a week with a day of rest.  This is a very intense program, but I LOVE the gym and working as hard as I possibly can.  I will do one body part in the AM, another at 1300 and go back for a third at 0400.  As a reminder, I have stage 4 with very advanced matastasses, I am almost 83, have had castration so no testosterone, and am told that body building in my case is impossible.  


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It is great to know that you managed to find a way to counter the effects of low testosterone. I do not work out in a gym but believe in the benefits we get from physical fitness programs. Mine is trimming trees, sowing the soils and picking weeds out from my cultivated grounds. I also walk my dogs about 8km a day.

A worrisome to your work-out is the weight gain. You are too big at 83 which may be prejudicial to your heart health. Try doing things moderately.

The story of GH3 is interesting but it did nothing in preventing your cancer after 45 years of taking it. Probably your gain from the supplement is in the slow aging process.

I will be looking forward for another post of yours.


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As usual, the fount of wisdom answers with clarity and alacrity.  Thank you.  About the weight gain.  I am puposely trying to gain weight by eating six times a day.  I eat a lot of egg whites, sweet pototatoes, raw veggies and fruit, green juices, salad, oatmeal, BCAAs, bananas, and whey protein.  Now, I used to think that whey protein was a dairy by product and not allowed on my anti-pca diet.  But I read a report from Mayo that said that Whey was great for Pca.  Now, please do not take my word for this, as I do not have the url at present.   I am hoping to bulk up to 210 by contest time, and then to cut back, but 210 may be optimistic.  It is not fat I am adding.

     About the heart.  That is a worry.  No testosterone is a very, very bad idea for heart health.  I am taking supplements, and, believe me, Matrix is cardio vascular work out.  I have added virgin cocoanut oil to my diet, and I drink cocoanut juice every day.  My medical team here is a joke compared to that which is available in the USA, but, then there are tales of woe about Drs. in the USA as well.  

     A major gain from GH3 for me is the anti-depression aid.  I have severe Manic Depression, as does everyone in my family, and this has left a horror trail of Alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide.  Luckily for me, Cocaine was not around in my youth in the late 40s and 50s. However, I was a big fan of Dixieland Jazz and hung out a lot with the musicians on the South Side of Chicago.  I was a very early user of Marijuana before most had even heard of it.  I used to buy a tin for about $15.  It was called a tin in those days because it always came in a Prince Albert tin tobacco can.  It was always cleaned.  In those days, I spent a lot of time at the Cadillac Lounge on the South Side.  The few white people who came never felt threatened and were more than welcome in the predominately African American club.  Of course, in those days African American had not been heard of, and today I doubt many  Caucasians would dare to venture to the South Side, much less be felt welcomed.

       Like all of you, I have no idea about time lines, life expectancy or the future.  And this is good, as it lends my life to living even more in the moment and totally enjoying the Here and Now of this very moment.  Osho taught there is no future and no past, only this very moment, and now the next and the next.  Pca teaches the same.  For if you worry about what is to come and when it will come, you certainly lose the exctasy of this very moment.  Each day for me is a celebration of all I have been given.  What an immense gift I have of being able to go to the gym and having the support of my wife.  I am truly blessed, as we all are.  love, Rakendra


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While I know nothing of the supplements of which you speak, I must say that this whole thread is one of the most remarkable I have ever read.  I was a philosophy major as an undergrad, and within sociology I also studied cultural attitudes and practices related to end-of-life, death and dying.   You are a master.  I am not sure exactly of what, but a master indeed.

I assisted a friend for over a year with advanced, Stage 4 Pca until he passed a year ago in September. He had no family within several hundred miles, and lived alone. I learned a lot about end-stage disease and the latest pallative drugs for prostate -- he went through them all. Jevtana was what he used last.  He almost never got scans, but had a PSA of over 1,000.  A retired manager for an engineering company, he too was a philosopher, but of the bar stool.  A great joker, he had the quickest wit, and was telling jokes the day before he died.  It took him at 72, after 13 years of mostly excellent health with the disease.

Thank you. May whatever you are doing keep you with us for a long time yet,


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