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Welcome Jasmine1865 to the forum

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I am pasting Jasmin's post from Sandi's thread, so that we can all welcome her and give the support and information and love that we have for all of our fellow sufferers. 


Hi All, I am new to this first time on.  I just received word i have colon Cancer!  Words can't express how i feel i can't sleep inspite that I have to be at work in few hours.

i don't know what to do cry or have a break down.  I suppose to se the surgeon in a week and get my Ct to see what stage it is in.  I never thought me of all people will get it.  I  

I should have know given the fact that my family have  a history of Cancer and I knew some how it wwill come to claim me.

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Welcome to this sorry little club of ours. Not the place you want to be, but I can tell you now that you will find support, love, friendship, comfort, a place to vent, to get angry, to cry, to laugh, to share and finally, to give advice to others. 

It is a horrible shock when you here those words 'You have Cancer'. And those first days and weeks can be filled with the most daunting feeling, and fear like you've never known, and tears, sadness, anger and then, when you've been to see your Oncologist and you have a plan of action, you will find that things settle down. The knot in your stomach goes away, the fear lessens, and you know what you have to do and are eager to get it done. 

Each one of us handles things differently, but I will share a few things that helped me along the way. These may or may not suit your personality, but hey, doesnt hurt  to share. 

First off I found a wonderful medative CD that I played when I went to bed, and that helped me to calm my racing mind and find the sleep that had been ripped from me. 

I purchased a notebook and a pen, and I started writing everything down. Questions I wanted answered, things that were happening to my body, especailly after surgery and during treatment (chemo and radiation for me). I would go from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and went through the whole list with my Oncologist.

There were other things, but lets see what kind of treatment your Oncologist suggests after they have staged your cancer. 

Just know that there are a whole bunch of people here who want to help you through this. And I promise, before long, you will be in the swing of things, and the feelings you are expereincing now will diminish. 

Folks here pop in a different times, so keep checking back and you will find your new friends. 

And please don't think this will claim you, as not all cancers lead to death. 


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Sorry you are here but you have come to a good place for support and info.

My backstory - I had colon cancer stage 3b/signet cell.  I was Dx'ed at 49 years old.  I had the ascending colon removed, 6 months of chemo and I am now NED (No Evidence of Disease) for 2.5 years.

This forum has been the greatest help for me through my journey because only people that have/had cancer can truely understand how it affects you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Just about every way.  I used to feel like my head was spinning in circles - really weird!

Some advice:

  1. Get a notebook and log all info from your Onc appts and any questions you have
  2. No question is a dumb question
  3. Have a good raport with your Onc OR look for a new one
  4. Get 2 or 3 opinions about your care plan
  5. Information is your friend - I asked to see all my scans so I could visualize what I was fighting
  6. Allow yourself to be upset and then let it go
  7. Do not sweat the small stuff
  8. People may act a little weird (especially family) that is their problem, yours is to get back to good health
  9. Do not become Dr. Google and get your info from internet sites.  There are some sites that are good and trusted, but most will have bogus/misleading info
  10. Exercise - it will help migrate through alot of stress

Please remember we are here to help.  I used to log on the many nights I could not sleep at 3am, 4am........ and someone was always on the forum.

Please keep us updated.

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I've found the greatest part of my day is reading the posts from this great group of fighters, supporters and survivors. Even if they don't know it, I get strength just logging in.



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The first few days are so scary and confusing. Go ahead and cry. You will feel better. Try to take it slow and dont rush into decisions to fast. That is the mistake that many of us have made in the begining including me.

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Nana b
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I hope the cancer was caught early and you will have a shirt cancer journey. Please hang in there, I also never thought cancer would hit me.  My  grandparents all lived past 100. My Mom at 83 and my Dad is still alive.   I ate healthy and I exercised everyday. You just never know.  But you must remain strong. 


How did they find the cancer, what stage are you, where do you live, what cancer center are you going to? 


Big hug! 

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HI All! Well i don't know if it is been caught early i go see the surgeon next week and he will do a CT to stage it, this is the most horrible part of it not knowing the stage and have to wait. The DR. who did my colonoscopy thinks it is caught early because it did not see any of the cancer breaking through the colon , but CT will tell the surgeon the stages to check and see if it is not spread to other organs.  I thought the Biosyp would have told them the stages.  My name is Vicky Jasmine is my niece name.

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Life is going to be full of waiting. Waiting for appoitments. Waiting for tests. Waiting for test results. You get used to it in some ways, in others ways it gets really frustrating. 

That is good news from the GI Doctor (or whoever did your colonoscopy). Grab onto every bit of good news. When people ask me how I'm doing, I always give them the good news, even if the rest of it sucks. 

It looks like they are not talking surgery yet, so thats good news too. 

Now that you are coming to terms with the disgnosis, try to not look too far ahead. Be positive about your CT scan. If all is well (it is our prayer) then you get to move forward, if something needs addressing, then the Doctor's should get right onto it, but worrying about it will not change the outcome. 

I have found (you'll see that I have found allot of things. HA!) that being positive helps me in all areas, plus they do say that stress (the outcome of not being positive) can make the cancer grow; wether that is true or not, I don't know, but I'm taking no chances, so I live a stress free life. 

We're here for you in every way. Well, we can't actually hug yuo and all, but we're pretty good at cyber hugs, and everyone has their own diagnosis, their own experiences, their own way of dealing with it, so you can bet you won't be short on help.

Onward and upward. 

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You're right that the waiting and not knowing is often the worst part.  It was for me at least.  Once you get a treatment plan, and start actively fighting this crap, you will feel much better, I promise.

Pls keep us posted on how you're doing!

(btw, I have had stage 4 colon cancer, and have been in remission for 2 1/2 years...so no matter what lies ahead, there is reason to have hope!)

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Thanks Tru! i am Vicky Jasmine is my Niece name.

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We can call you Jasmine if you prefer to keep your real world name quiet. But I'll keep a note of it in my 'friends on CSN' list. 


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Take a look at my avatar. That picture was taken a few weeks ago. I am a Stage IV cancer patient and I look great and feel great.

I want you to know that it is not all doom and gloom. Life goes on, and sure, there are some trials ahead, but there are also some feeling great, looking great, and living great times ahead too. Lots of them, if you keep yourself as healthy as you can.

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