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You can and you will get through it

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good morning dear people. about 7 years ago I was dx with stage 3 colon cancer with lymph node involement. when you're immersed in this ordeal you can't imagine a day where this isn't a HUGE part if your life. Well you can and you will get thorough this...... It won't be easy... But you can and you will. 

Today was graduation day

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You are done with the constant Doctor's and scans and colonoscopies. Now back to the regular check-ups. What joy!

Thank you for posting and lifting our spirits and giving us hope. 

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I hope you celebrated to the max!! Though I don't know you, your thoughts demonstrate you are a great person, to have gone through that ordeal and overcoming it; graduating; and then checking in to encourage us!  Have a great celebration day!  you deserve it! 



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    You have done well. Surving cancer is not easy ,neither is surviving survial. Best wishes for the future ,Ron stage 3 c 6nodes 15 1/2 yrs ex dx.

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Thanks for the update.  You have great news to share.  Hope you continue to do well.


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So happy to hear the good news!  Thank you for posting and giving hope.  Yay!

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