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Long term effects of Radiation to the Head & Neck

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I had my first radiation in 2002 / 180rads for 35 days for a total of 6,300rads and my second radiation in 2004 / 110rads twice a day for 35 days for  total of 7,700rads. That is a total of 14,000rads to the head in just under 2 years. I am now ten years out from my last treatment June 3, 2014 and have a ton of side effects from the radiation. Here are just a few

1.     I can’t open my Jaw more than ½ and no doctor will touch me to try to help

2.     I lost the ability to swallow and now use a PEG tube for life

3.     I lost my hearing in both ears

4.     I have problems seeing but can still drive myself any place I want to go

5.     I can’t gain weight

6.     I have dyslexia

7.     I have pain on the side of my head where there was no C

8.     I lost all my strength and need others to do little things like open a bottle for me.

9.     I have a really bad smell always coming out of my nasal area

10.  I have little to no saliva and when I do get a little I can’t swallow it.

11.  I can’t spit without holding my noise, air leaks out

12.  I have a hole in my upper palate that just started and it hurts all the time

13.  I live on pain pills

All in all I am still alive, I can still work some at the desk, I can still do things I love to do. Like building things with my grandchildren and fishing with my Son and going home to see my family and taking part in Church Service. Life is hard sometimes very hard but I am alive and that is most importance and I am a part of my Children and Grandchildren lifes.

Tim Hodno

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You are a survivor through and through.  Despite the side effects you're living with, you are positive-minded and still find enjoyment in the things you love.  Amazing grace!  

You've seen me in the Head & Neck group and even though I don't have any of the same side effects (I'm 6 months post-treatment), my spirits are nothing like yours.  Let's suffice it to say that for me, it's one and I'm done.  Then again, I don't have kids or grandkids.  

Thank you for your inspiration.  I am praying that some of these side effects subside however if they don't, I know you'll make it.  That's amazing grace!

Bless and be blessed.  K


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Yes I see you on H&N and glad you are a part of CSN. I find that my Faith is my strength no matter how hard or how bad it maybe. I read my Bible every morning between 5:30 and 6am the words somehow just lets me know that my Lord and savior is there watching over me.  


Thanks for you blessing

Tim Hondo

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