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Today I will be graduating from The University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Minor in Psychology Smile

Even after getting cancer thrown in our faces, every single part of last year has truly made this very moment worth it.

Thank you to all of you who sincerely made this day possible. I thank God each and everyday for the life he has blessed me with.

God is Good.

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I'm so proud of you both!  May you have many wonderfully happy years together and I know you're gonna be a great nurse! 

Hugs and best wishes!


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I am so proud of you, Michelle. This is a major, major accomplishment and you did it in spite of some incredible circumstances. You are going to be a wonderful nurse. I am so happy for all the patients who will be in your skilled, compassionate, and graceful care. 

Much love,



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We are so proud of you.  That is quite an accomplishment, especially with all you have been through.  You are going to be a great asset to the medical field.  You have lived through one of the toughest situations and we know you will be a very compassionate and caring nurse.  We know your family especially Kyle are so proud of their Nurse Michelle.  You and Kyle remain very special.

Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, SmileSmileSmile

Becky and Bill

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what an accomplishment after all you two have been through, I am sooooo happy for you!

Congrats Graduate

Max Former Hodg...
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Congrats on that milestone in your life.  My daughter got her B.A. last week also, so I can sort of relate.

I have been cared for by a LOT of them in my life, and I must say that nurses are among the finest people I have ever met. You will be a great one.


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Sorry had a lot going on, now post surgery... Everyone is still in my thoughts and prayers.. Reading posts several times a day, but didn't know what to post ... Was one of those times when lost for words...  I hope Shoopy is doing well...

Congratulations sweetie. You're going to make a great nurse. You look very beautiful and your experience with Kyle and cancer will make you a more experienced nurse.. Wishing you both and your families full of only love and happiness...


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Hi Michelle,

 Wow...you are absolutely beautiful AND smart! Congratulations my dear, what a huge accomplishment. Should we all be so lucky to have a nurse like you, we would all feel better just by being in your presence. When I  received your beautiful photo card and homemade cookie gift during the holidays, I knew you were one very special person. I know Kyle has got to be so proud, as are we. Much love to you both...Sue

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You look beautiful! Congratulations you did it...I just know you're going to be such a wonderful nurse. I actually went to Albuquerque for my graduation ceremony, I loved it! After the ceremony we went to eat at El Pinto and then we went to this beautiful vineyard, Casa Rondeña had the best wine I loved their Serenade. You and Kyle should definitely go out and celebrate you both deserve it!!! HUGE HUGS


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Congratulations and best wishes for all your future endeavors

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So happy for you!  You will continue to be a caregiver to many people in your career., and your personal experience will give you an extra level of compassion and understanding.

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Congratulations, you sure did it. Best of wishes to both of you.

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