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lupron vs mental health

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So I was reading here and read that lupron effectivness can wear off ,so is there some kind of time line. .

Well anyway Iam a widower and retired 67 Iam not totally disabled  can you have a orgasm while on lupron,Iam used to seeing my poor shrunken penis .What a chore I go through periods of depression(wife passing) and miss the effects of satisfying a feeling that has thus subsided. I feel married guys have some advantage with having hormon shots because there married. Has any single widowed  men have any techniques for having a orgasm.Please don,t consider this funny its just an honest question.I think about this subject ocasionly but know that dying from cancer is not in my future (hopfully) and realize the sacrifice of a moment of pleasure is a price one getrs used to

So Besides breast growth and your stomach getting bigger are there any other side effects of getting a shot of lupron besides turning into a eunuch





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Sorry to hear about your “loneliness”. You need some action and go for the adventure.

I think that you can try having orgasm while on HT treatment. Probably the ability will be short lived but the medication may interfere with libido.

Many have posted about their sexual problems and successes in past threads. The one I most admire is this link that may be of interest to you;

Here are some tips from the professionals;

Your story is here;

Best wishes.


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