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flooding you with positive thoughts and lots of prayers, John

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Posts: 3095
Joined: Jan 2010

john, just want you and shelley to know we are all thinking of you and praying for all to go well.  we will contiue praying until you are back to being john 100% again.  i hope shelley will be able to give us updates on your progress now and then.  will be patiently awaiting posts from you.

God bless you and bring you thru this, John!


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John and Shelley, If Karma exists it will work in your favour. You do a lot of good for a lot of people with great humour. Good luck mate. Gary.

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Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. Day at a time.  



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john, this is just like you feel before a fishing trip... you know your going to catch fish


now, you know your going to be fine with time and all good news. 


big shout out prayers going for your doc's, nurse's, support, family and Shelley. 



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Ingrid K
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I promised John that I would post updates on here for everyone as soon as Shelley gives me them.

I have the BATPHONE at the ready.

Thanks for starting this prayer chain, Debbie.


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You ladies and buds are the absolute best..

Surgery is scheduled for a time between 1:30PM - 8:30 PM EST...., ummm Florida time.. Cool

Thoughts and prayers to all of you as well..

BTW, my son flew in from California to help Shelley and comfort us, so that's awesome for us already.


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D Lewis
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Joined: Jan 2010

and sending my wishes for the best possible outcome.


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Joined: Jan 2011

I am so glad that your son is there.  Shelley will have some company during the wait.  Just think, you get to wear your favorite 'gown!'  Take care of yourself and follow your doctor's (and wife's) orders.  You are a warrior, battle on.

debbiejeanne's picture
Posts: 3095
Joined: Jan 2010

what an awesome son!!  everythings off to a great start and will continue that way.

God bless,


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Joined: Jan 2014

You both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong, you'll beat it.

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Joined: Apr 2009

Hang in there and keep the faith that all will go well

Praying for you all

Tim Hondo

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Posts: 4321
Joined: May 2012


Best of luck my friend.   All the good mojo I can muster is coming your way.


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Posts: 84
Joined: Feb 2014

Praying for a speedy recovery! You got this!

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Joined: Dec 2012

What Matt said ! We are all here pulling for you !

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Joined: Mar 2012

your back, John.....sending everything positive your way!!!


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jim and i
Posts: 1788
Joined: May 2011

Praying for you, Shelley and family. Also praying the doctors and other hospital personal have clear focus and gentle caring.


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Joined: Sep 2011

John, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I'm glad your son is with you. I agree with the previous posts.. You got this! will look for updates but keep you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery.


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Posts: 8286
Joined: Sep 2009

Getting ready to go for the big dig....

Prayers all around me....

IK and Shells will post updates



cureitall66's picture
Posts: 912
Joined: Aug 2012

We'll be thinking of you today....

Just saw this post from you.....Glad your son flew in to be with you and Shelley.

All will be well....prayers all day for you.

~C & K


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Posts: 909
Joined: Dec 2005


Thoughts and Prayers Outbound for you and yours

Semper Fi

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Posts: 566
Joined: Jan 2010


sending vibes and prayers for you.  You got this!


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Posts: 114
Joined: Feb 2013

Good luck and best wishes John.

I know you'll do great and everything will go fine.

Posts: 18
Joined: Feb 2014


Believeing for a great report and many prayers sent your way!!


Posts: 76
Joined: Jul 2012

Good luck today with your surgery.  I am praying for a quick, painless and successful surgery and a fast recovery so you can get back to fishing!


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