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Prayers Needed~ 04MAR2014 UPDATE

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OK..., here's the deal...

Several of you have seen the prayer requests and such on FaceBook...

A few months ago a scan picked up a cyst on my pancreas, it was biopsied (EUS) and determined pre-cancer. I had a follow-upCT scan a few months later (a few weeks ago), that shows it getting a little larger.

I had another EUS (endoscopy, ultrasound and FNA) last night.

I need prayers that the biopsy comes back clean...

But in addition...

They feel and recommend that I have the Whipple Procedure to remove the cyst before it becomes cancerous.

Unfortunately in so doing..., they remove parts of the pancreas, stomach, gall bladder, and areas of the intestines. It's a pretty major surgery.

Sooo, please keep Shelley and I in your prayers, we really need them right now.


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but will repeat myself here Smile....sending huge prayers, and tons of positive thoughts....you know the drill, "It ain't cancer till somebody says it is".....just got done tucking you into the P Pocket....and keeping you close in my thoughts, John.


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In my my thoughts and prayers ....once a warrior always a warrior......take care my friend 


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Dang it John, we need to stop getting older and having our body parts cause trouble!  You and yours are in my prayers that everything works out okay.


Did you Dr. say how long or bad the recovery is if you do have the whipple procedure?


Take Care my cyber friend.



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Ingrid K
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John and Shelley

Once a fighter, always a fighter, so .....you've got this.

extra special prayers coming to you both from the 3 of us.


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Long time - no see.  Sending you some big-time Mojo Bro'!!! 


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john, i'm saying prayers for you and shelley.  i know God will get you thru this no matter the outcome but praying for the very best.  sounds like that will be some surgery.  we will all be right here for you and shelley.  tell shelley she can get on here an talk to us whenever she needs to.  we are here for her also.  sending you lots of positive thoughts and super good mojo for good reports!!!  now here a HUGE cyber hug for you and shelley (((((((((((  0  )))))))))))))).  i hope you felt it.

God bless you, John,


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Dang cysts anyways! Both of my sons had pilonidal cysts on their tailbones (quite common), but I remember them getting bigger within a month of surgery. Then my niece had a precancerous cyst under her chin...they removed it because it became bigger and bothersome. So, my point is...cysts do that! Yell

I know you will do your research with your doctors on what is best for you and go with it. 

Stay calm my man....

Thoughts and prayers to you and Shelley.


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Prayers on the way from my family to yours.



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your post..of course, you & Shelly are in my prayers, always have been since I met you on here...like Phrannie says " It's not cancer til someone in the know says for sure". Keep the faith and keep fishing

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You are going to need a “Skiffin 75’ for all the crew on your team.

We are with you all the way.


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John, you and Shelley are definintely in our thoughts and prayers!   Good luck with whatever course you decide.



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Man I sure hope you get the all clear. I am praying for you and Shelley.


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have been flowing your way constantly since yesterday.  Hoping the biopsy comes back clean but sounds like you still have to make a decision on the Whipple procedure - not quite sure what that is or the purpose of it but I'll research it a bit.  My brother was diagnosed with bladder cancer last Sept.  He had the same chemo that Doug had for his H&N cancer.  Mike (brother) had surgery Jan 29th to remove his bladder, prostate and part of his intestine - he's now an ostomy bag wearer for life.  He's 54 and came through the surgery with very few setbacks (thank God).  He's been approved for disability but has been trying to work (construction) a few hours each day.  Major surgery's aren't pleasant but look at the outcome.  Mike has been told that he is now cancer free because it was contained in his bladder and prostate and now those are gone.  Small miracles but we'll take them!  Hoping the same for you.

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D Lewis
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Trust in your doctors and, as Kent always said, "BELIEVE".


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Hope everything comes back clear John, if it has gone cancerous they have caught it early. Denis

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In my thoughts and prayers, John and Shelly. 


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Sorry to hear you are having issues, prayers for you and Shelley....As always we have your back and will be pulling for you.....


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I am not a praying person, but do believe that positive thoughts and support--"Good Vibes" in my vocabulary--can be very powerful.  So, am sending some Good Vibes to you and Shelly.



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Other than feeling so insulted you did not post here to us family first, I hope you the very best outcomes. You been here a LONG time so you know the drill and all the sayings. Still, the waiting is always is tough section of road. Be well my friend!

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CSN was and still is first..., nothing really specific or detailed was put on FB, just mainly request for prayers.


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prayers and good thoughts for you at this juncture.  



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Very sorry to hear that news. However nothing but prayers, vibes and energy directed your way. 


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...and will be repeated! Hang in there--I'm hoping you get good news from the endoscopy. 

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Just saw your post & of course sending tons of positive thoughts your way. Hoping for a benign outcome.



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Sad to hear the news, but you have fought so well before and will do so again I'm sure. Prayers go out to you John and Shelley. You have been suuch great support for so many you know we'll all be there for you.


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Prayers coming your way via UK, stay strong and think positive

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jim and i
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Oh my John, this sucks. You and Shelley are in my prayers for sure. I hate this cancer beast. I pray for you both to recieve comfort and peace. And I pray for a negative report. It looks as if you will be facing major surgery in the future so I pray for the doctors and the surgical team as well. It is hard to put into words how sorry I am that you and Shelley are going through this again. May God Bless and Keep you both.


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This news leaves me speechless. I can joke around with the best of them, but when it comes to the serious **** that comes along and grabs me by the heart, I can only send  thoughts and prayers. Every day I have a "To Do" list and John, you and Shelley will be at the top of that list every day.


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John Im not usually big on prayers. But you are an exceptionally deserving case so I will stop at my local church and light a candle for you both. You give a lot of help to people brother. All the best from Liverpool England mate.

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You know for sure you have all of us keeping you in our prayers my friend. Yesterday my Urology called because my PSA is getting a little too high; he does not think it too much a problem right now because the exam showed nothing. But like all of us it is always something to worry about.

God bless between us while in His workshop

Tim Hondo  

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and Shelly.  

Have a faith and believe.

please keep us posted.


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And you're coming up on the 5 year exit exam.  Prayers and good vibes sent your way, brother.

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on FB , I too was almost afraid to come here to check on you . I like Mike am not a praying person but if worry is kinda the same thing then count me in !! I went to bed wondering what was going on with my cyber friend John and then when I woke up in the middle of the night thinking abou you I realized that I could come here this morning and maybe find out .Then I woke up wayyy earlier than usual ( around 5:30 ) and got up and got my IPad and came here to check on you a little afraid of what I would find . I was glad to hear the word cyst and then not so happy to see Whipple Procedure , wondering what the heck is that ?? I had to go do a little reSearch . (Isn't modern medicine wonderful ? ) I trust that you have also . They ( John Hopkins ) mentioned a  fairly new procedure that is Laparoscopic that I am hoping you will be able to have . So I will be here with all the rest waiting to hear the word Cyst again ! Thinking of you , Shelly and your family ! 



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Thoughts and Prayers are Outbound for you and Shelly.   S/F

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Lots of prayers coming your way!

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Get yourself on the m


end and come over to Liverpool for the Beatles tour. You should be able to fly cheap -- all the flights are full of Brits heading your way. Candle has been lit for you both my friend. I will be getting one lit accross the Irish Sea in Dublin by a friend. Prayers coming your way.

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Positive thoughts and prayers...


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HOWEVER ALL LINES ARE BUSY, WE HAVE HAD AN EXTREME INCREASE IN OUR PRAYER VOLUME FOR JOHN AND SHELLEY, WE EXPECT TO BE BUSY FOR SOMETIME.  Hey John just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.  Diane keeps me up to date and although it hurts no matter who is facing tough times on this site, fact is you were there for me from day one, and all these folks as well. Thats why you are so special to so many of us.  I must have gotten thru last nite since my prayers for you went thru.  Keep the faith my friend were all here for you.

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I go and talk to the surgeon tomorrow..., I'll definitely be drilling him.

I have no words on how much you all mean to me and how special your thoughts and prayers are.

Keep them coming please...


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i know i dont post here much but i had to tell you all the good you did for me when i needed it. so you have my thoughts and prayers too, and remember marines win battles. Semper fi


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Hi Skiffin and Shelley,

I don't post too often anymore, but I try to follow what is happening. In case you don't remember me, my husband was also in the class of 2009. All seems well for now, but due for another scan soon. 

I read read your post and knew I had to let you know that many thoughts and prayers are headed your way, from my household to yours. 

Thanks for everything you do to help us all. You two are a true inspiration.

Hoping for the best news possible. 

Myka and Pat





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We have your back pal. I just know it will all work out.


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both of you are in my prayers and will remain in them. 



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My mother in law (who is doing fine) had a Whipple last may for a benign tumor.

Is it helpful to visit with some post Whipple patients?

You probably have already done this. Love to you both!!!!


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Jan Trinks
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Hate to hear this but sounds like they have it covered even though that sounds like some surgery.  You and Shelley certainly are in my prayers and I will have Chargee and Sammy saying their doggie prayers and crossing their doggie paws too!  They already know to be still while we say the blessing which is one we always said in my family:  For food and health and love and friends Father we thank thee, Amen.  Although my version now is:  For food and health and love and friends, Father the boys and I thank thee, Amen!  They do stand still and have this down pat - and of course they know biddies are on the way after the blessing!  Take care and God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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OK, I have some updated news...

The extracted fluid from the FNA has no cancer cells, that's huge and I pray, hope and definitely want it to stay that way.

The downside is that I still need to do the whipple as the cyst is aggressive and they want it out before it does turn cancerous...., which they feel it will eventually.


I am scheduled for April 22, admission 09:00 

I met the surgeon today and he seems very competent and confident. Though a surgery as he describes as major X3, he feels that I will have a good and successful recovery.

He does up to 45+ of these a year, and actually just did one this last Tuesday.

He seems to be very detailed and covers all of the bases...

He figures the surgery at around 5 hours, hospital stay at 9-12 days, and around a month of recovery at home..., not many restrictions other than common sense.. No lifting, no swimming or submerging the incision area, etc...

It takes a week or two for the stomach and organs to wake up from the battel scars.

I'll have multiple tubes during the home stay for drainage, etc...

Yes, this sucks big time...

But again, it's much better prognosis than the alternative.

Again, I think of you all as family, and share this with you..

Thanks for all of the prayers, thoughts, whispers, etc... They are working and we sure appreciate them, and please continue through this ordeal.


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a good prognosis....no cancer....YEEAAAHHH!!!  The whipple is major surgery, but they sure do a lot of them....I know you're going to be ok....and hell, you've got a lot of common sense, so we don't have to worry about  you undoing the fine job the surgeon did.....right?? Laughing  John, I am SO relieved to hear that it is a cyst that needs to get out of there.....prayers will keep going your way.....and I'm not letting you out of my pocket till the end of May....so make yourself comfortable.


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As you know, we haven't put much details on FB..., too many wackos on there, and we honestly don't feel like explaining it to everyone. Most of whom are more involved in trivial things in life.

This is huge (as are all of your situations as well), and you guys and gals definitely know where I'm coming from... If someone on FB PM's I'll tell them what they want to know...

Of course my family and close friends (many of you) know and have been told.

You all, I consider part of my family ~ Klan of the Abi-Normal..


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Praying for you..you have been such an inspiration to me on this board as you have had the same cancer and treatments that my husband is currently going thru...I will put ya'll on my prayer list and hope you contiue to post on here regualrly so i can keep up with your progress! You got this..just like you fought the cancer!


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