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Status Check Call

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Hey, I have an idea.  Wouldn't it be nice to see everyone's status in a single list?  If we post a Status Call on a monthly basis we can each comment on it with a short summary of our status... 


Our status should include Name, Stage, Current Status, Current Hopes


It would make tracking and sending out positive thoughts / prayers a lot easier for me.  I'll post my status as a start and we'll see who all thinks this is a good idea.  Maybe we could post an update for those who can't get online as well.

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Name  Traci43

Stage colon cancer IV 6/2007, chronic myelogenous leukemia 2/13


Current Status waiting for word on surgery to remove cancer in my rectum and a lymph node close by.  CEA - 25.  Stoped XELIRI 2/14.  Good news is that my surgeon says surgery will help me and that I appear to be one of those folks that can treat cancer like a chronic disease.  It responds well to chemo and surgery. Oh and I should continue to get mammograms ;-)


Current Hopes - That this surgery can give me a much needed break from treatment so I can get on with life!  I'm way too busy to fit cancer therapy into my schedule.  Long-term hope - that my cancer continues to be slow growing so that I can hang around long enough to use some of those promising therapies.

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Kathleen, caregiver to wonderful husband Dick.  Dick has had 3 surgeries and over 100 chemo treatments in the past 5 years, 3 months.  He has actually been in good health up until about 2 months ago.  Right now pain management is key.  Tomorrow he will have a biopsy to be sent to biotech firm in San Francisco.  Then, start on Zaltrap and hopefully beat back the cancer that has been growing in the lungs and lymph nodes.  Also, Dick is battling lymphedema (swelling) in the legs and pelvic area.  It takes up many hours a day mangaing the lymphedema and has cut down his physical activity, which is hard.

We hope the Zaltrap will beat things back.  We continue to treasure all our time together as a family.



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Cargiver here.  Wife was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Dec 2013.

- Ct Scan last Monday ---- > All clear

- CEA ---- >1.0

- Colonoscopy to be done on April 15th.

What a journey this has been.  Thoughts and prayers for all on here.



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Jeremy, 39, stage III rectal cancer

Diagnosed March 3,2014

Chemo and radaition now. Surgery to follow.


Wow, how my life has changed in a blink of an eye. Hope treatment takes care of it and im cancer free.

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Name: Megan

Stage: Father has Stage IV - two primary tumors - 7cm in colon, smaller one in rectum, one 7mm node on liver, two 5mm nodes on lungs (one on each - never confirmed to be mets as new PET shows scar tissue more likely) 

Current Status: No more mets found (lungs are scar tissue, liver met completely disappeared). 5cm tumor left in colon, no mention from doc about rectal tumor (presumably gone -  we will find out more when he talks to the surgeon). Possible inflamation due to chemo around tumor, so possibly smaller than 5cm. Finished 12 rounds of Chemo three weeks ago and is doing well with the exception of neuropathy. Eating well and much more active. Surgery is the next step and the oncologist belives they can eradicate the cancer with surgery since there is only "a little bit left." 

Current Hopes: Surgery goes well. He is excited to get it cut out. He's in no pain at this point, so I hope that continues. I hope he takes after his mother and is cancer free for the rest of his life as she was after her surgery (she lived about 10 years after very aggressive uterine/ovarian cancer and ended up with Alzheimers - but the cancer never came back). His hopes are that they cut it out and get this over with so he can go back to normal again. 

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had colon resection 2010 2b no chemo thought i got rid of it, now node cancer think it's still colon start chemo next week my names aggie {john} hope they get it this time

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had 3 lung mets removed 2 wks ago


Surgery went well. Dr had to take upper and middle lobe of right lung and wedge bottom tumor.   Feeling pretty good.  Only prob was drain was,taken out too early and lung hadn't sealed yet so,had large collapse.  Bugger!   Had new drain reinserted along with suction three days ago.  will have X-ray tomorrow to check status? Praying lung has expanded fully into,space and that has sealed. Frustrated but so grateful to God 

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patty in Minnesota

dx'd 6/08 with stage 3B  CC

coming on 6 years free and clear of this beast

hope that my 60's are way better than my 50's have been

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Diagnosed March 2013 Stage 3a colon
Colectomy and 6 months chemo
Last pet scan negative however spots on liver which docs not worried about for some reason
Pet every 6 months, 1 year colonoscopy
Working part time and appreciative of every day : )


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