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Wow what a day...

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Went to Ann Arbor for follow up with the surgeon. CEA is back down to 1. And I have a letter to go back to work part time (lifting restrictions of course). I'm looking forward to surprising my co workers tomorrow. Surgery on 2/7. Home from the hospital on 2/13. Off all meds on 2/16. Back to work part time from home on 2/24. And back into the office on 2/27. Wow that was a fast rude. Thank you Jesus.

My daughter went with me to Ann Arbor to pick up her new (used) car. I have a friend in Detroit area who picked up a great buy at an auction. She is very excited to have a 2012 Malibu LS. Just after she picks up her car my son calls. He is a senior at Wayne State University. His car was empounded. So instead of going home I detour to rescue him. Four hundred dollars and a few hours later his car is out of empound and I'm finally on my way home. 

Then when I get home I get the mail. Two tickets from the son who's car was just empounded. Late fees and ticke,t fee = $90. 

I'm exhausted. i need to go back to work to rest.

I'll see my onc on 3/29. i'm guessing more chemo??? But maybe not???  Well I guess i will cross that bridge when it gets here. 

Good night my friends. 

you are in my prayers.



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what a day it was for being out zipping to Ann Arbor, it was so cold.  Your story about helping your children touched me.  Sometimes I think that when they need our help-rescue it prevents us from folding in upon ourselves.  I am always, no matter how badly I feel, strengthened when my son needs me.

I hope you will share your recovery with others when they face surgery as it is very positive.

Have fun at work.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I'm sure it will do you good to get back to your normal routine.  Must be nice to have the surgery behind you.  Good luck with your return to work.


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Good luck with the return to work!  That's great!

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Good news, work is good for the soul...

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Nice job keeping yourself busy.  I guess a little surgery isn't enough to occupy you!  Sounds like you're doing well, and I'm glad to hear it.

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Sounds like you are back to work already & just don't know it!  LOL

I remember those days all too well. Where most will remember the lcation of their favorite restaurants, when my son was in his teens, I knew where the PD's for various cities around here were located. My JBG was the perfect child, my son, well if gaining strength from helping was the end result, I was Hercules. After many growing pains, he became an intelligent, responsible person. Patience, patience, patience my friend.



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Glad to hear your great news.   Those kids are good distractions.  Hope your back to work went well.

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Hi Phil,


Glad to read that all went so well and you are back to work so fast. Work is good and to keep up a routine is also good.

I was told that you are not a full fledged parent unless you have raised a son. Looking back on my son........ well...... many funny stories come to mind.

My daughter also was an handfull and now they are respectable parents themselves.

good luck to you,



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With all of life's bumps and grinds, we are glad you are still able to have a sense of humor.


We are sending our thoughts and prayers for continued healing. Keep up the good fight!


Best Always,  mike

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