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By now, you have had your scans and have had you on my mind since my husband has his tomorrow.

So, please check in and post your (HOPEFULLY) good results!


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I had my scans yesterday, and everything looked good. I finished the EVEREST drug therapy period and am off the drug. My doctor said I don't need scans now for 6 months. I asked about having them earlier like at 4 months, and he said no. He said they've reduced recommended scan frequencies even for stage 3 disease like mine to every 6 months. Frankly, I don't understand his answer. I have a couple of friends with other doctors that are less expert in RCC, and they are T3 and in their second/third year and doing scans every 4 months. But my doctor really knows RCC, and says no reason to do them more frequently, so I'm going to do what he says in this case. (I also asked my uncle, a retired medical oncologist but not an RCC specialist, and he agreed that more often isn't necessary).

Well, the good news is that I think I should start thinking about the idea that my RCC very well may not come back.

I've been having some strange health issues the past 2-3 months, and it's hard to really settle that it's nothing to do with my RCC. I guess I'll always have that uneasy feeling when something isn't right with my body now. It was such a shock when I got RCC. I had never even heard of it.

Thanks for asking. I hope your husband's scans turn out well.


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Todd, glad you are doing well.   I wonder if the scan issue is insurance related..?  Seems that is a method to reduce cost, but I could be wrong..


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Just do like me and Ron. Regardless of what tests say, just move on and think positive. It seems to be working for you already. survivors network, right? We never look at a check out date. you are doing well. Life is good. Keep it up.

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Life is good. Tomorrow I'm helping my son move into his new house (his first). Exciting. I won't say to him, but I'm thinking he's got 3 bedrooms, time to fill them up. Lol. I'm looking forward to some little people being around. :)


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so glad to read your news!!!! In our house, I am the nervous nellie. The other night, my husband said that he was looking forward to his scans and then explained that since he is getting them done every 3 months, he intends to live fully unless and until he is told differently.

i will ask his oncologist on Monday if the schedule in between scans has been changed; it seems strange to have radiation concerns in relation to stage 4 cancer but I have avoided x-rays for my kids and limited it for myself.

great news, Todd!


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Hi Todd, I am so glad everything went well! The results turned out to be such good news, that's great! To be able to look forward to life without cancer is such a gift:)

Good luck with the move!


Djinnie x

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Glad everything looks good. I'm so happy for you. 


As for the issue about reduced scans, maybe that's why in October our urologist told us 3 months, then one year, then last month our onc told us 6 months. It seems logical to me they should make individualized decisions for each patient based on Grade as well as stage and sub-type. But hey, I never went to med school just watched a lot of E.R, lol. 

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Great news Todd! Now how about planning that party you were thinking about??




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Great news Todd!

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I certainly hear you about every little problem worrying you that it might be the return of RCC.  Last night I had night sweats for the first time since before my nephrectomy (when I was having them frequently).

Enjoy yourself and don't worry unless necessary

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if I recall correctly, you will begin your IL2 this Monday; want to wish you the best and enjoy this weekend.


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     So happy for you! Everytime I hear news like this I feel it is a great step for all of us! Enjoy your life, and make everyday special! May you hear the sounds of tiny feet soon!

                                                   Love and prayers for good health,


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So glad to hear your good news.  I hope all goes well with the move, but be careful and don't overdo.  That will probably take things off your mind for a while.  I hope you get to have little ones around to spoil before long.

Take care


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