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Kathryn_in_MN has passed away

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Kathryn has passed away.  I will try and copy and paste post from her family to all her friends.

Rest in Peace dear woman.


Winter Marie

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When my time on Earth is up, I will not have "lost" my battle.  I've already won it!  I've had over 4 years to enjoy life since diagnosis.  I've made it to so many milestones in my children's lives and had special times with family and friends.  I've been able to educate a lot of people about the need for colonoscopies and the importance of knowing your family history and advocating for yourself if something is not right with your body.  Many friends and acquaintances have gotten their colonoscopies at my urging.  I've been able to help other patients by sharing my experiences.  I've been blessed to participate in building a wonderful community for patient and caregiver support through ColonTown.  I've met too many incredible people to count, all with their own unique cancer stories.  This is a WIN!  Not a loss.  Please remember that when the time comes.

May her family be comforted by her extraordinary courage and grace.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I (Winter Marie) have removed her last name, although this note is for EVERYONE that has known Kathyrn, expecially her colon cancer family, CSN will remove the post if I put her last name on.  PM me for futher information. 

In sorrow: This is the post by Kathryn's daughter:


As you all know, our mom Kathryn  has been fighting colon cancer for the last four and a half years. She was very open along

  1. all stages of her journey because she wanted to do anything she could to raise awareness of the disease. She hoped that by
    sharing her story and becoming an advocate for preventative screening she could keep other people from having to go down
    the same path she did.

    She was an amazing lady. She had more social skills than all her of children combined, cultivating a global network of friends.

    Even when she was extremely ill fighting her own battle, she always made time to work with different cancer foundations to
    try to help others, and kept up with all of her friends who were also battling diseases. Whether it be a quick joke to brighten
    someone's day, or a long letter to a senator to push for colonoscopy funding, she cared for those around her until the end.

    In the continuation of her work for colon cancer advocacy, we are requesting that in lieu of flowers people donate to Chris4Life

    in her memory. As many of you know, she was actively involved with many cancer foundations, and before her death she set
    up a fund to research colon cancer through Chris4Life. We will not be holding a funeral, as she requested that her body be
    donated to the Mayo Clinic to further cancer research with metastic colon cancer.

    Thank you all for your love and support throughout her battle. For those of you that wish to make a donation in her memory

    please visit:
    <Content removed by CSN administrator>
    In Honor and Memory of Kathryn | Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation
    The Chris4LIfe Colon Cancer Foundation was created to help find a cure for colon cancer, improve the lives of patients
    diagnosed with colon cancer, and increase awareness of the life-saving importance of early screening for colon cancer.
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Kathryn, I pray that the work you started will continue and grow!  That all people are able to receive colonoscopies, regardless of insurance situations, that the field progress and develop preventative medicine as well as better medicine for helping those inflicted. Thank you Kathryn for making a difference! May your light continue to shine forever!



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I knew I would read this soon but I am just heartbroken.  Kathryn, I wll miss you.  You were so strong and gave so much.  I love how your family lit up your world. I love how you enjoyed every bit of your time in Mexico.  I pray you are at peace. 



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This great Lady will truly be missed.

A silend goodbye from Germany



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She was a very strong woman and remained brave and helpful even when she knew time was short.  I admired her. 



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Kathryn has been on my mind, and I felt in my heart that she was heading off to meet that Special Someone. 

I will rejoice for her, as she 'won' the battle with the legacy that she left for everyone. 

My sympathies to her beloved family. 

Cathleen Mary
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dear, dear Kathryn. I am so grateful for all she did to move the diagnosis of colon cancer forward. Blessings to her family during this sad time.

cathleen mary

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My sympathies go out to all her family and friends. She has made a huge difference in this world. May she rest in peace.


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What a great and selfless person she was. At least she is at peace now after a long and courageous battle not just for herself but others.

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I was sad to see this post on Caring Bridge this morning.  She helped me many nights and I am very greatful.  May her spunkiness carry on!

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Kathryn is for always in my heart, what a great lady. She will be missed not only by her family but by all the family members she created in the world. Rest in peace sweet lady By knowing you , you have made a difference in my life.


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Like everyone else we knew this was coming.

My sympathies to Kathryn's family.  She was lovely and truely caring.

She showed us how to live with this cancer with grace, dignity and fortitude - a life well lived.

She is an example to all of us that we need to continue to help this cause.

May she rest in eternal peace!


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I am so very sorry to read this... I just checked her Caring bridge page a few days ago. :(. I feel so blessed to have "met" Kathryn here in this group... She shared her story openly and in some small way shared all of our stories.  God bless you Kathryn... You will be missed.  Sending prayers for her family.



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Im really chocked, send my best wishes and all my  Love  to  the whole family . No words just praying ! Love and peace to my friend kathryn!

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Adminstrator decided to remove the part of Kathryn's note from her family that requested if you wished to donate in her memory please do so to...

Winter Marie

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If anyone wants to see more Kathryn and her frienda and family were/are active on FB and there are details of donation etc to be made there.

She was unbelievbaly strong andclearly in full possession of her capacities more or less to end, although as I understand it in the end it wasnt the CRC that got her but her third(!) primary cancer, oesophagal cancer. Her previous tretaments had left her too weak to fight this too.

She was an amazing lady and although I only knew her online, she will be badly missed. 

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I'm sorry to hear the sad news.She helped alot of people and will be missed.May she rest in peace.

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Rest easy Kathryn.  Sending my condolences to her family.  I have held her in my continued daily thoughts and prayers for comfort and peace.

Teaching and advocating is the best gift to give anyone and she was so very affective in doing just that! 

Such and inspiring woman!

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She is at peace and may her family find comfort in all the strength that she gave to everyone she touched.  My sympathies to her husband, children and family.  I'm sorry to see her passing, but comforted in knowing she was at peace with it.  She will be missed.


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My condolences to the family. Kathryn was diagnosed around the time my wife was.



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She was a remarkable woman and so generous with her advocacy.  Rest Kathryn.  Your work goes on.

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. As someone who has recently lost a spouse and friend from this disease, I know that there are simply no words to make it better. Although I didn't meet Kathryn, I can tell she was well loved by all who knew her.

I will be praying for your family during this difficult time.


<Content removed by CSN administrator due to Terms & Conditions>

Janelle (Team Zach)
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Kathryn was a great about answering my questions as her cancer spread was much like my husbands. She was a great fighter and advocate.

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Thank you for the post!

I am honored to have called Kathryn 'friend', both here and on facebook.


Hugs, Kathi

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Thinking of Kathryn's 4 children and husband during this hard time they are going through. This is such a terrible disease.

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My condolences to her family.  Yes, REST IN PPEACE !!!

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It is always sad to lose a friend.  Katherine always had a positive out look and positive message to members.  She will be missed.


Best Always, mike

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