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New Problems

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jim and i
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Went to PC today. Jim's oxygen level was below 81, should be 90 or above. He is starting to have breathing problems so doctor wanted him on oxygen asap so got an appointment tomorrow. He says it will help with energy levels too. Jim is not thrilled but anything to kepp the fishing going. Been way to cold lately but weekend is suppose to be warm. Pain on left side is worsening so may have to drain the fluid in the lung to help. The children and I are struggling because it seems things are progressing faster this last month. Jim seems ok but he tends to hold his feelings in and so do I when he is around. Just needed to share with someone. Thanks for listening.



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I hope that the treatments help Jim feel better and with warmer weather the fishing is back on. 

Good thoughts, lots of mojo and prayers are coming for you, Jim and the entire family.

Best always,


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So sorry to hear but I hope using oxygen will help.  We have had oxygen in the house since my husband went on hospice but so far he hasn't needed it.   Although I have noticed that his breathing is worse when he tries to walk around the yard or does something in the house but once he sits down he is okay.   Joe is the same way about feelings and what is going on, he generally won't tell me and is never honest with the hospice nurse.

My only question is why does anyone have to suffer with this horrible disease. 

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I don't know how Jim is feeling, we're all a bit different with this.  But I can hear in your words how you're feeling.  This is very scarey territory.  When your O2 levels are bouncing around anything below 90 you feel like warmed over doo-doo.  Have they figured out anything with that pain yet ?  So far the extend release morphine does help me over the worst of it.  I also use a neb machine to help ease the lung issues.  (it's albuterol)  I see my primary today....and will be getting my oxygen equipment delivered sometime today also. 

I pray that in both of our situations the o2 will help us over the bumps and bangs of this crummy trip.  Debbie you are doing everything you're suppose to.  Honestly, Jim may never share all of his thoughts because maybe he wants to spare his family anymore pain.  Know my thoughts are with you all at this time.  And tell Jim, when it warms up here....I'll catch a walleye for him.  Lol !  Though I use a cane pole now a days as I can't cast worth a damn anymore.  ( no strenghth)  Hugs sent !  Katie  

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jim and i
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Thanks Katie for the support and encouragement and hugs sent. It is getting harder to hold the tears and worries inside. I would go to the beach and have a good cry but it is so obvious when I have been crying Jim would know as soon as I got home. Praying for your comfort and miracle as well. Bid Hug, Debbie


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When I'm not sick and weak as I am now...a good cry in the shower helps me.

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Prayers your way and to my virtual fishing buddy....


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I know for me, keeping things bottled up would be extremely hard.

I was thinking about my mom, and hard she fought using oxygen.....her words "ya start using it, and you get hooked on it"....that made me smile and say "but mom, every living creature is hooked on it".  Once she was using it, her strength came back, tho....and she felt SO much better!!  She started doing the things she liked again.....

Keeping Jim and you in my prayers.


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and sending prayers and good thoughts that the oxegen makes a big difference for Jim. As we all know, keeping on keeping on, doing what you love to do is a huge motivator! Stay strong, and lean on the rest of us as much as you need to!


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Debbie, i'm sorry to hear about Jim's low oxygen level.  I'm praying the added oxygen will restore some of Jim's strength and energy.  I hope he will be up to fishing when the weather allows.  Sorry you have to hide your feelings.  I wish life didn't have to be so hard.  Come here any time you need to express your feelings as we truly understand and we're here to pick you up.  I pray the progression slows down and Jim has many, many good fishing days!!  Hang in there, Debbie.

God bless you and your family, Debbie.


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I'm sorry to hear about Jim's worsening condition. Please encourge him to accept anything that helps ease the various issues. The O2 will help but keeping the lungs clear helps a lot too. Wishing comfort for you all. Don

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So sorry to hear this latest news. I hope you are able to also get the small portable tank, so he is able to continue his passion for fishing with no interruption.

Take care.



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Sending you and Jim some big-time Mojo!  Found my original pic that I used here.  Let Jim know one of his on-line fishin' buds is pulling for him.

Best to you both!


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Sorry to hear about Jim's need for oxygen. Hopefully, it is temporary. My Mom was recently put on oxygen and improved enough to discontinue. One issue was the worry of a fall and tripping over the long clear cord while she was using it at home. My brother took black electrical tape and circled the clear tubing about evey 4 inches. Made a huge diff in the visibility of tubing. 

Some 10 years ago, we were in Vegas and when I got my husband to the hospital his oxygen level was in the 50's. Spent 8 days in ICU there and came home on oxygen. He had to have FAA approved to get home so he rented an Oxygenator. If he had to remain on oxygen, we would have invested in one. Compact and makes oxygen out of room air. Something you may want to look into.

Sending prayers 

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Over the years I have had breathing problems and I do know how it feels, scarry to say the least. Mine first one I was 28 and now I'm 63. I hope the o2 will solve the main problem and they get the pain meds under controll. It helps to be able just to tell someone or vent when you need to, I have been there and have really let loose on some very close friends and it helped me so much. You feel that some of the load was removed. Please continue to do that as it helps you get through this better. I think it is harder on the caregiver and loved ones than the one that has it. I know it is harder on my wife than it is on me. Yes I'm the one that has it but she is the one that always worries when she hears a differant sound coming from me. I'm OK but she doesn't know that unless I tell her. My hart goes out to all the caregivers and loved ones.

May your tomorrows always be better than today's.


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Jan Trinks
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Hope the oxygen does the trick and believe me I know what you're feeling.  Although Charlie was pretty open about his feelings and did talk to me about things, I look back now and can see where he may have held back some probably more than he would have otherwise because I was such a basketcase.  You will get thru this and never give up and keep praying for miracles; but you and the children are doing the right thing and recognizing that things have progressed quicker than y'all had hoped.  It's a very painful emotional journey, I know, watching someone you love so very much, and especially when it's your spouse, go downhill; but just remember to savor all the good moments you can right now.  My prayers are so with y'all and wish you the best.  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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jim and i
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Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement. They really help.



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Jim, and all my CSN friends everyday. How is Jim responding to the oxygen?

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jim and i
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Well belive it or not he hasn't gotten oxygen yet. It takes forever for the doctors to jump through the insurance hoops. First the GP sent to a Pulmenary doctor then he had to order an overnight test to show the insurance he needed the oxygen. They brought the tester today. When he went to Pulmenary his oxygen showed ok. Our daughter who is a medical assistnt said it could have shown low because he was so cold that day. So we see how it works out.


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It’s hard so very hard to watch some you love pass away little by little. Just glad to see he is still able to fish


Will continue to keep you both in pray.


God be with you

Tim Hondo  

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jim and i
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Joined: May 2011

Thanks Hondo, we are suppose to hear the results of the breathing test tomorrow.



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