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Cancer cells can be killed in blood before reaching healthy organs

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This sounds promising.  It seems 100% success in tests would be quite a breakthrough, yet this is the first I've heard of it. Nothing else, not even what any of us are taking now, is 100%.

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More good news..!  Seems there are several new treatments that hold promise.. now if they get them to the human test stages... soon..!!



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I like hearing these things


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It is intriguing, no doubt.

However, please pay attention to the caveat:

It’s early days at the moment though, because the research was done in human blood in the lab and in live mice, but not in patients.

"Much more research is needed to see if the technique could actually stop the spread of cancer in humans.”

I am afraid that it is a bit of a running joke that researchers know exactly how to cure cancer in mice...

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