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Advice for optional therapies after Hormone Therapy & Chemo have failed

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Hi everyone!

I signed up back in March or April shortly after my husband was diagnosed.  I haven't really posted much as I still am at a loss I think,  but I always read your posts and they have all been very helpful and positive. It was originally thought my husband had a prostate infection, however after a month of antibiotics and no changes they did a biopsy but at the time said it was just a precaution as he is only 48.   The Gleason score was 9 and after a bone scan and CT scan we were advised the cancer had spread to the bones and lymph nodes.   We started Hormone Therapy and after the second round were advised it was failing as the PSA had doubled. 

We started Chemo on October 5th, and just last week after arriving at the hospital for the 4th treatment we were advised the PSA was rising again and the chemo had failed.  so we have now just started another androgen pill in hopes this one will work for us. 

They tell us we have a few more treatment options but I am wondering if there are any suggestions with respect to natural treatments.  Like the Vitamin C IV etc?   Any suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. :)


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I am sorry for what you and your husband are going through

I suggest that you locate a very qualified medical oncologist. The best that you can afford to lead your medical team.

For example in the United States there are about 30 medical oncologist who specialize only in treating prostate cancer.

Additionally there are major centers of excellence such as M.D. Anderson in Texas that treat Prostate Cancer.

If you think that this directtion for treatment is of interest, you may wish to indicated your location since some of those who post here may be able to provide specific direction to a medical professional.


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I am very sorry for the advanced status of your husband.

You are not sharing details of the treatments protocols that have been administered or recommended by his doctor which makes it difficult to give you a better opinion. In any case, before engaging in holistic ways of therapies your husband should consult THE SOONEST an oncologist specialized in PCa advanced cases and targeted medications. It should be some one that has access and can introduce him into a clinical trial where those “wonder” drugs are available.  Smile

Here is the link of your previous post;

Can you tell us where do you reside, USA?

Which hormonal drugs and dose (mg) has and is he taking?

Which chemo (Taxotere, Jevtana, Novantrone, etc.) was being administered?

Did he have any other treatments such as palliative radiotherapy, bisphosphonates, pain-relieving drugs and/or steroids like prednisone?

What symptoms is he experiencing apart from the hot flashes and fatigue?

What sort of tests (apart from CT and bone scans, and the PSA) has he done?

Can you comment on the lipids levels? I think that doctors treating him did check for low blood cell count, low haemoglobin, etc (anemia, etc). Lipids may serve as marks in the chemo treatment and those will differ depending on the drugs he has taken. Read this;

There are a series of drugs taken in combination as second-line chemo and hormonal drugs with added supplements to treat advanced cases, such as leukine, resveratrol, biocurcumin, etc. Oncologists of the type of Dr. Myers use them well as a “magician” and he does manage to give longer periods in remission to affected patients. Please listen to this video about his opinion on advanced treatments;

I believe it has been a difficult time since March for you both but do not despair. Try to be “in control” by collecting all the data regarding the treatments and tests he has done up to date and read about the options for advanced cases. There are books on PCa in advanced cases with listed supplements and diet practices that you can google in the net.
I found that taking the “drivers’ seat” in my role with my case gave me the power to fight the bandit. It gave me the “energy” and the needed peace of mind to overcome the situation along my 13 years as a survivor.  Innocent

Here are the comments of a respected patient advocate posted to me at the site of wordpress.com, which may be of interest to your husband;

Here is a link for clinical trials at NCI;


I hope you find what you are looking for.

Wishing you both the best and luck in your journey.

VGama  Frown



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Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply, when you both advised me so quickly.  Its difficult at times to balance everything with respect to life in general ( work, kids, pets etc! )  My father in law is also currently undergoing chemo , so we help out there as best we can too. 

Thanks VGama for all the links and information you provided me.  I have told my husband and am going to get him to come on this site as I think it would be good for him.   

Once the urologist diagnosed my husband with metastic prostate cancer he immediately put him on Zolodex Injections. ( meant to be every three months)  we had the first one and after about a month the bone pain in his shoulder and back began to improve and he was beginning to seem like his old self....it was great.   But when he went in to get his second injection first week in July he was getting some pain again and we at first thought it was due to him trying to workout and build back the muscle he had lost.

We pushed for a PSA test and the Urologist said come and see me in a month.  We refused to wait that long and went down to Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.  We are in Canada and live just outside Toronto.   We met the head Urologist there who imediately took action.  The PSA had increased and he set us up with the Head Oncologist for Prostate Cancer.  We did all the scans again.  They advised progression to the Liver.   We started chemogtherapy on October 4th, with Taxotere and Carboplatin. 10mg of prednisone a day, Xgeva injections monthly to assist with calcium levels in the bones.  Nulasta Injections after the chemo to increase white blood cells.   And for pain meds, we have Oxycodone 10mg up to four times a day as needed.  Arthrotec four times a day as needed. 

We got through three rounds of chemo but the PSA started rising by the second round.  its up to 145 now.  they have advised that chemo will not continue as its not working.  So they have given us a new drug that is an Androgen to block the testosterone.   I apologize i don't have the name handy and this year with all going on my brain is in a constant fog!    I will try and remember to update with that information.  we will continue with the Zolodex everything three months and the xgeva, but are not weaning off the prednisone and will be off that completely by the weekend.    we are scheduled to have more scans and bloodwork on new years eve to see if this new drug is working or not.   fingers crossed it is.  

I just recieved a copy of this medical records yesterday and haven't had a chance to review them, but I will look to see the bloodwork results and all the levels.  I will look for lipid levels as you mentioned.  He is slightly anemic.

I will try and check in here more often, but I want to thank you again for all your positive messages and information you have provided me.  I wish you both all the best and hope your both doing well with your fight!  Smile


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Hang in there, Kyla. I'm in Vancouver. My sweetie is a Gleason 8 (4+4) and his PSA started to go up a couple of months ago from 0.24 to 3.2 this month. Your situation is a little more advanced but, as Vasco has said many times, there is always hope. It will be helpful when you find the name of the new anti-androgen drug.

I don't know if Ont is the same as BC, where the services of naturopathic oncologists are respected and partially paid for. We see one and he is incredible in terms of recommending natural therapies to complement what your medical oncologist recommends. Our oncologist says to us, "You do you job, using his services, and I will do mine..."

He has recommended CaP-specific regimens including turmeric, green tea, Iscador, melatonin, D3, Omega3, boswellia, and a few others. We also use black seed oil (cumin) for the thymoquinone, and I use vegicaps to encase various organic powders such as red raspberry, ginger, cayenne and pomegranate.  If you choose to do any of these, please check with your oncologist first. Some don't like you to take antioxidants during chemo or radiation, others recommend them. Suggest you read Life Over Cancer by Keith Block of the Block Cancer Centre in Chicago for his opinion on antioxidant use (foods and supplements).

Human beings also have cannabinoid receptors...a little known fact. We have access to medical marijuana in BC. Not sure about Ont. Definitely worth looking into as some of the studies into CBDs are very positive. We get a tincture, not wanting to smoke.

Best wishes from across the country. MLN Kiss

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Thanks so much for your best wishes and advice.  There are so many lovely and thoughtful people on here!   So you have a naturopathic Oncologist?   I will have to look into that.  We have a homeopath who we love and he's assisted us along the way.   My hubbs changed his diet to more of vegetarian one and tries to get some light excercise in but of course he tires quickly.    We do have access to the medical marijuana over here, but have never requested it.   We did however recieve some 'special cookies" from one of our cancer peeps as we call them.  we hooked up with a support centre and met some great people. 

only issue with the cookies were that my husband forgot he was full of opiates and the cookie sent him over the edge......lol  first he fainted when his blood pressure dropped then he just wanted to sit in bed and eat candy...lol      The new drug he started is Xtandi .  I know you mentioned it in one of your posts.  they advised us it was covered by the actual drug company until December 11th and that after that it would be $7000 a month!   So we started that right away and the first week or so we were discouraged as my hubbs still had bone pain, but its beginning to work now at the end of week two.   so fingers crossed it continues.  

I am going to order that book you recommended by Keith Block and try and research more into the antioxidents.  Hope everything is going well for you and your sweetie.  Smile

Best Wishes to you as well, hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!    


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I sent you a PM, Kyla.


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