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Hi Friends!

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Sorry been gone so long fighting emotional issues with living with side efeects, i ability to work, and STILL waiti g for my appeal hearing for almost a year, officially no paycheck for a year so I told Faith Santa laid off Elves its tight budget at North Pole so dont expect that much.  She took it well, but really she'll get spoiled rotten between me, grand parents, aunts, uncles, Chris and his Mom not to mention her Dad and her Aunt on that side!  Divorce has been very good for Faith and think she finally figured out how to play her Dad after 3 years.  I should stop it, but he was such an *** when he had us i kinda enjoy it! Lol its wrong isnt it!  God forgive me I DONT CARE! Lol

Hope you all remember me and are doing well!  Debbie, T, Phrannie, Hondo, Matt,John, Jeff ob and soooooo many more I adore!  Hope Thanksgiving was wonderfully spent with loved ones, i was able to eat a decent amount, such a blessing!  I may not be here often, but I think of all you often, sad that there are so many new members and just wish I had the power to stop it.  If that Genie in a bottle was real I promise My First wish would be that cancer had a vaci e lime polio and th epedemic was all over for every kind for every one, and than sorry the other two would be for health and lifetime of happiness for my beloved Faith!  Shes 91/2 now and found that mouth all of us girls find, so hoping puberty isnt knockong on my door not ready yet!!!!


God Bless everyone on the site ,


ps I will check in more often and if I didnt mention hour name I still love you just not that smart! Lol

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Through it all, you sound like you are doing better (mentally) “I don’t care , LOL” and physically (you ate some).  Hopefully, your difficulties will be behind you soon with better times ahead.

It is a tight budget in all of H&N Land this year, Jeff is working on a new contract for the elves, Phrannie’s looking at guiding the sleigh with her horse and John’s trying to help Santa reboot his website while T practices with the H&N choir and you can imagine what they sound like.

Peace with you girl,


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Since day 1 you have always made me laugh!  Therapy is helping and making progress, just have to find Rachel, not Rachel cancer survivor, Rachel the flooring salesperson, just me for me and not find myself apologizing for my short comings due to 13 years after this disease!  But i do and will always say that with such a full and thankful heart to God for never leaving me alone even this far in, right beside me walking!  Is T playing and singing again?  I sure hope so i know how afraid he was, being his career and all.  You i can see how you are, your sense of humor is top notch and keeps you moving on!  I am sure Phrannie would offer to lead the sleigh in a second!  John doesnt need help with internet he needs to help us with it!  And Jeff, Jeff will work any contract that helps anyone?


take care funny man, ill check in again!



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rachel, so good to hear from you.  glad you are doing well.  about finding Rachel, that will take some time so be patient.  i went thru about the same thing and it is a rough road.  hang in there, you will find you!  i'm so glad you were able to eat!!!!  how exciting and wonderful.  things really are getting better.  if we don't talk to you again soon, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I pray the new year is better for everyone here.

God bless you,


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Joined: Feb 2013

I will talk again Debbiejean I promise!  Thanks for the hopeful words!  Hope throat dilation is holding up!  Pray for all of you everyday!

stay well and fight on crew, 



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Great to see you.....

I know you were mainly thinking of me when you posted... But you had to mention all of the others (like Matt).., so they wouldn't feel left out...



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John you shouldnt call me out like that, i dont wa t the others to think i play favorites!! Lol. You all are on my mind alot i will always check up on my family that carried me through the acceptance of the PEG!  All of you please stay healthy and happy that is what i pray for all my frie ds from this site!  You have personal contact info on me feel free to contact me at anytime!  If time should slip buy again and I dont make it on by Christmas:  Merry Christmas Happy New Year to all of you and your families! 


In my heart forever,


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Always good to hear from you and to know you are doing well. Like you I am still fighting the side effects but it could be a lot worse. It is hard for people to understand what I am saying so I have been using my hands as well, normal for a coonass. I hope you get things worked out soon so life can get back to some kind of normal and faith can having a better Christmas next year.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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Posts: 435
Joined: Feb 2013

Aww sweet Hondo,


still dealing is an understatement huh? But we are strong and we will suck all the joy out of life we can!

Faith is so scared this hear of anhone being sick, namely me!  If i take a nap by fire on sat afternoon she panics that I am turning into "Zombie Mommy" i was last year before hospital stay and missing Christmas.  She keeps saying you'll be home this hear right Mom and i just say thats my plan honey, hope its Gods too!  But this hear I am different I face fears if I dont feel well I go to doctor before it becomes something more!


as far as speaking and understanding that is alo g with jearing why I cant work anymore, kinda hard bei g a salesperson and i cant hear clients and they cant understand me!  My voice wont get better, apparentlly once soft pallet becomes paralyaized it cant be fixed? So I am stuck either dramatically nasal or muffled?  What can I do, just move past it and remember me blessings and continue to see therapist and psych and stay on happy pills to forget what i should be unhappy about!


faith will have better Christmas this year thank you for the wish, and may you and yours be healthy and full of happiness for the New Year!


take care sweet friend,


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It's your bud slightly northwest from you. I will always be in the background cheering you on with a slap of encouragement when needed. As our buddy Matt mentioned, I will negotiate a raise and good health for anyone on here. If someone stands in the way............I just send da boys out after them.

Like I told you Chris found the new Rachel and she suits him just fine. I told you he was a keeper.

I'm going back to my corner now..................I'll be watching.

Your Bud..................Jeff

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