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Another pretty darned good report!

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I got my MRI report today and it says that the spot on my femur is "attributable to benign hematopoietic change.  Nevertheless, short interval 3 month followup MRI  of the thigh is recommended in order to confirm continued benignity given the findings of the PET-CT findings".  This is one of those "HOTDAMN" moments, where I literally went to my knees and said "thank you!"  I get to go on my trip to see my kids and grandkids and when I get back, we will tackle the nodules in the lungs!  Hopefully, those will  turn out to be nothing, too!  WooooooHooooooo!  Happy time in the O'Kelley house tonight!


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Keep those NED's coming




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yes, enjoy your kids and grandkids after having this weight lifted! Great news, Sarah

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Great news.. Enjoy your vacation.. Ron

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don't do anything different.

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I am just catching up! This is Brilliant news Tillie, we can have that glass of wine to celebrate now! I will have to crack open another bottle though as I drank the last one. So cheers, a votre sante!! Have a great trip and forget all about this crap for awhile!


Djinnie xx

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I'm going to have a blast!  We will be gone for 20 days and I get to play with and get kisses and hugs and drink backwash from the grandkids!  Nothing better in this lifetime!

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That is super news! Enjoy that trip with your family! I am so happy for you!


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Joining you (belatedly) in the HOTDAMN and WOOHOO moment surrounding this awesome news. Have a wonderful trip!!!!!

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Enjoy that time with your family!  you deserve it.  Thank you for sharing your good news.



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Great news Tillie!

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That's the best news, Tillie!!  I'm so happy for you and your family.  I know you are going to enjoy every precious moment spent with your kids and grandkids. Cheers to making lots of new memories, for years to come!!


Safe travels,


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