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"Renw" Ren has passed away

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Acoording to a post by Ren's brother David, Ren passed away October 27th, at age 45.

May he rest in peace.

Winter Marie

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This is such heartbreaking news. He fought so hard.

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Oh my, this is so sad.  He tried so hard to fight this disease like the many before him, may he finally rest in peace. 


Cathleen Mary
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Peace and strength to all who loved him. So very sad. He will be missed.


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Thank you Winter Marie for updating us.

It is sad news indeed that one who fought so hard has lost his battle, but the loss is softened that he is now not in pain or distress.

May he rest in peace and his family and friends find comfort in remembering him in better days.

Marie who loves kitties

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This is trully heartbreaking.... Ren was such an inspiration for many of us, I was always hoping for a miracle for him...

R.I.P. Ren

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what a sad sad news. I will miss him!

A silent hug to his family



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Such a warrior.  So smart.  Indefatigable.  A salute to Ren and what he shared with us.

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and so generous with his knowledge and experience. I learned so much from him and stood in absolute awe of his fight.

Run with the angels, Ren!

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We've learned so much from you. You fought a tremendous fight. God bless you and your family. You and your family are in my prayers.

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...all proud to know him. He showed us example that no matter how bad things get, we should still maintain hope and positivity. There are many things he taught me that I have been applying to my own fight.

He is an other reason we have to encourage our friends and family to have colonoscopies earlier. Ren's cancer was there and still curable 5 years ago. 

I wish strength to his entire family to deal with the loss and able to celebrate his life forever.


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Godspeed, Ren. I've admired you and we never talked, even on line. Thank you for sharing so much. Hope his brother David reads here and knows how admired and loved his brother was. Hope he can share this with Ren's kids, eventually.

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Ren was really a unique individual, so full of intellectual drive and energy.  Such a huge loss, to his family and to the world at large.

I'll miss having him here as part of our little CSN family.

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May he rest in peace,his family will miss him.God speed.

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I was so hoping his treatment would work for him! 

A true inspiration and warrior.

Rest in Peace dear Ren.

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I posted in one of the other threads, but wanted to post again here in case Tans or someone shares this with Ren's family on his blog.

I've been thinking of Ren and his family all day.  I'm glad that his brother was able to be with him, along with the rest of his family.  

Some of us come to places like CSN for information and support, but I think it was clear that Ren was here to share what he learned.  Maybe pick up a few tips too, but he was a huge source of information and I appreciate the time he took to post and let us know how different treatments and therapies were going...and just what was available outside of the standard treatment.  I hope that his blog does stay up and running, as there is so much information there to share. 

So very sorry for his family.       

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His fight is over, but how he fought.  So brave right to the very end.  He gave a lot of knowledge on this board and will be missed.  May he now rest peacefully.


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I am saddened to hear about Rene's passing ... gone too soon. my thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time.

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I am saddened to hear about Rene's passing ... gone too soon. my thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time.

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Rene really tried his best to make a difference in the world of MCRC.  His posts here at CSN were not warm and fuzzy, his purpose was to share his knowledge based on what he learned through trial and error.  He seemed to dedicate his life to the fight and it must have come at great personal cost to him and his family.  I always got the impression that he wasn't fighting just for himself but for all of us.  He literally fought right until the end.  The world was a better place with him in it.  May he rest in peace.  

My condolences to Rene's family.  You must be so very proud of him.

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As one of the few here that actually met him (and his lovely wife and kids) I can tell you that he was a really good guy and really was trying to not only cure himself but help many others. His journey in Germany and the Czech republic was no picnic, but he fought like a real warrior. I was worried after his surgery got cancelled and he was having so much trouble with his liver and the ascites. The world is a worse place without Ren and I am so glad I got a chance to meet him and his family. This is very hard for me to take because we had a lot in common with respect to disease state (his liver disease was much worse), age, kids a similar age, etc...  Another very depressing piece of news. I'm not sure how much more I can take. 

very worried husband
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R.I.P Brother.... you were an incridible person. 

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That is so sad and he was so young. 

Anonymous user (not verified)

Ren's last few posts were foretelling of the failure of oncology to restore his health. He did not loose a fight. Oncology did. Ren won every battle with honor and integrity. He kept the faith and gave all of us the inspiration to continue our efforts and maintain our confidence in ourselves. Thank you, Ren, for carrying the torch so long and so far.   Dan  

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Ren fought hard and he is gone way too soon.  He put it all out there in his posts and blog, very brave man.

Our condolences to his family and friends.  

Ellen & Pat

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...that Ren didn't ever get his ALPPS surgery.  First, was the mental chains of bad advice back in February-June that ALPPS was considered infeasible for him, by surgeons with no direct knowledge, or apparently, homework. Then the delay allowed those micromets time to appear.  We're always dealing with askance looks, "slowth" and ignorance about newer and experimental techniques.  I am sorry, Ren. We'll miss your wit and stories.  I am hopeful that others will be able  to better start from your experience and insights.

You fought the good fight.  Now we can only treasure your discussions here, at Colonchat, and on your website.  Requiesce in pace.

Condolences to Ren's family.

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Ren's death hit me hard because I really thought some of the wacky stuff he was trying would actually work.  I knew the END was near (I read his blog) but held out hopes that the inhaler of plant steroid would miraculously kick start him.  For someone with little options - 1st and 2nd line standard chemo did nothing for him, no tumor shrinkage after several hits - he took the bull by the horns and searched for other options.  Veterinary surgery? I might have just worked.

I am sad for his family and admire his research efforts and struggle, and am grateful for his blog with the information he has posted.

rest in peace Ren


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We met up on many occaisions, we helped each other as much as possible.

His companionship and his kindness I will never forget, his wife and daughters are beautiful and even his parents were caring for him so

bravely at hallwang when I hugged him goodbye.

thanks for everything you shared for us all, especially your blog and your story.



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No, I don't usually use bad language, but this expresses exactly how I feel reading this sad news. 

He fought hard, shared his experience and his life will live on through those whose lives he touched, 

Rest in peace dear ren. 

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Another soul taken too soon.

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Truly sorry to hear this news, Ren was a great resource for all of us. He will be missed...


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Ren will be sorely missed.  I'm saddened to hear he's passed, but glad he's no longer ill.  He fought bravely right up to the end.  Always researching and trying new things, sharing them and the results with us.  I wish the treatments had helped him.  This really brings home the saying, rest in peace.  I'm so glad he's no longer hurting.  I pray for his family during this difficult time.  Traci

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good to know plain white powder in a plastic bag gets past Israeli customs Innocent thanks Ren enjoy your rest, you earned it.

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OH DEAR REN,  this is such sad sad news.    He will me missed greatly, loved his posts and his blog.     I'm really at a loss.   

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I didn't realize his health was failing so quickly. May he rest in peace.

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I am so very sorry to hear this. prayers to his loved ones



So Worried
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Totally unbelievable how someone can fight SO hard and still lose. I hate effin cancer SO, SO much, there are no words how much. I am so sorry and prayers for the family. I'm just heartbroken. 

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I'm really sorry to read this.




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He helped me so much with advice and confidence when my dad was sick. :(

He will be truly missed,some days such news really breaks you,though we have never met ...we feel sad for a wonderful person who fought till the end.


Good bye Renw!

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He helped me so much with advice and confidence when my dad was sick. :(

He will be truly missed,some days such news really breaks you,though we have never met ...we feel sad for a wonderful person who fought till the end.


Good bye Renw!

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I couldn't bring myself to visit his blog after hearing about his passing on this forum. Today I finally did. And there was nothing to dread. There was just the legacy of a beautiful person who fought a difficult fight with great dignity but lost. I cried so hard.  

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I did not know Ren, but to me everybody with this monster is close to me...:*(

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I am so sorry... So much sadness lately. :(

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