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Scared for onc appt today

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The past couple of days I've been doing things to just keep my brain preoccupied. I get my ctscan results back and I'm at the end ofchemos that are available. I've been on one foe three months and this will be the first scan. I might be too pesstimetic but I have that bad feeling. I pray it's good and I can continue. I give everyone a ton of positive energy.  Jeff

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I'm just going to send back to you a ton of positive energy back for your onc Visit tomorrow!!

Will be thinking of you and positive thoughts and wishes your way during your visit to the doc's office for some good news! :)

Winter Marie

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Hoping and praying for good news...

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for good scan results!!  We get Robert's results tomorrow...I am more apprehensive with this one since every other scan while on this trial study has shown shrinkage, except the last one.  It was stable, no changes. Which is good, but if this one shows progression, he is off the trial.  There aren't any other treatment options for him (or so they say).

Let us know.   Keeping you in my thoughts today.



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I am praying for positive results as well.

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it sure does come in waves doesnt it.good vibes right back at you.seems like there is always a handful of us always getting scans and reports at the same time.my scan is in 3 weeks i dont expect good news i have been off chemo since august due to hand and foot syndrome.will be thinking of you and hoping for the best....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I'll wait till tomorrow to offer the congratulations.

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I'm right there with you,  I'm extremely nervous about my scans tomorrow too,  but I won't find out results for a couple of weeks when I see my onc. .....my past scans keep showing progression,  so I've been switched to different chemo.'s every three months with no success .... now on Regorafinib ...... this is the last thing my onc. can prescribe ...... if this scan is bad the only thing I have left would be clinical trials.....ugggggghhhhh.     Hoping for  GOOD SCANS FOR ALL OF US???   

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Waiting to hear good news here.....

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Hope you have a good report. And if chemo doesnt work  remember there are different natural options, In Toronto they are doing different treatments at the naturopathic clinic and having pretty good results, including ivs  and mistletoe  must be some good ones near where you live .

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I hope you'll be uncorking some good champagne tomorrow....and I hope you can find some peace today.

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I wish you good luck with this scan. We are sending a ton of support and good vibes to you.


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There seem to be a lot of us scanning this week (I'm Thursday), so let's hope there's strength in numbers!

Big hugs and good thoughts coming your way~AA

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