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I had my port removed

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Yesterday I had my port removed.  I had been really apprehensive about the procedure, knowing that it was going to be done under local anesthetic and having a fear of needles. 

I had to work on not worrying about it, as worry doesn't change what is going to happen.

I can happily report that it was not at all painful. I even had several numbing shots around the area, which just felt like a little prick and burn. Of course I could feel him poking, prodding and pulling but it was not painful. The surgeon kept up a conversation with me, which really helped, and before I knew it he was sewing me back up. 

I did read in Luv2lunch's post a comment by Helen321, and would especially like to tell her that she should fear no longer.  

Il know that we all handle situations differently, and some people do experience pain or discomfort, but not all, and I wanted to tell you I was one that breezed through the process in spite of my fears. 

During this whole cancer process I have worn without once removing, the wrist band for my power port and also a band saying 'Kickin Cancer'.  Yesterday after my procedure I removed those bands and replaced them with a beautiful little bracelet which I bought to celebrate being NED. I hope I never have to take it off. 

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Congratulations on graduating to "no port" status and I am glad that you had an easy time of it.

I think sometimes the fear before a process is so much worse than the process itself.

Wishing you long and healthy life.

Marie who loves kitties

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I am sooooooo happy for you!!!


When mine came out, I said "Now I can no longer get cancer, because the treatment path is removed!!!!"......true to it's word....I haven't.....7 years and counting!!!!


I wish the same for you, dearest!!!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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What a great day for you. 

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Removing these artificial additions makes you feel normal again. I'll have my PICC line removed on Monday. I'm tired of two tubes hanging out of my arm. After surgery I will need at least 5-6 Folfox, so ill get an other PICC line or a port again.

Reagarding the bracelets. Before my diagnosis I bought a bracelet at a grocery store for an employee there who had breast cancer. Ironically a few weeks later that bracelet became the symbol of my own fight. Every time I look at it I think of that lady I have never meat and myself going through the same struggle. 

Enjoy your life, your new bracelet and good luck with your follow ups.


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I am considering when to get my port out.  If I have it taken out on a Friday...do you think I would be able to function normally at work on a Monday? Thanks for sharing your good news!!

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I had mine done on a Friday. I was a bit achey on Friday night, a bit tender on Saturday but today I'm doing great. Other than the incision itching, I can do pretty much anything. 

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That is Great News!  The port was a reminder that we are sick.  I am anxious to have my port removed also.  It means a break from Chemo and that things ae not that bad.


Keep up fighting the Dragon!

Best Always,  mike

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Thanks for this information. An encouragement for many of us. Best wishes and Blessings.

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That is great news. Enjoy the freedom.

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Mine was also done under just the "needle" and it was fine.  Felt fine during the procedure.  I'm glad that you have that out.  Time to celebrate.


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Glad to hear everything went well.  After all you've been through, it should be empowering to get rid of that thing!


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I can't imagine the sweet feeling of being port free, I am so happy for you.

Your idea of replacing your bands with a beautiful bracelet to celebrate NED is fabulous!!  Wear it proudly and may you NEVER have to replace it!!!

Thanks for the uplifting story and how well you did getting the port out!

Here's to a beautiful and long life!!!

Winter Marie

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