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The Sound of Music (OVCA adaptation)

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Life was all roses and ponies and kittens...
Then cancer struck and my fate has been written

Blood tests, Taxol bags and vaginal slings
These are a few of my “favorite” things

Prominent lymph nodes and palpable lesions

Morphine, steroids and oozing incisions

Wigs, hats and scarves decorated with bling
These are a few of my "favorite" things 


Endless fatigue, chemo brain and hot flashes
Drawing eyebrows and gluing eyelashes
Remission in winter, recurrence in spring
These are a few of my "favorite" things


Nausea, ascites and bowel adhesions
Letting insurance make my decisions

Wondering all night what tomorrow will bring
These are a few of my "favorite" things


When CT sucks
When IV stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I keep hoping for N.E.D.

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or should I say, you sang it!!

One of my favorite things has become this board...it's where I come to laugh! Alexandra, you are too funny.


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The things that are our "favorite things" 

Rosamond M
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So clever, so relevant and so true,

Dear Alexandra what would we do

Without YOU!!


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Nice poem :-)

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I love this!  Very cleverly written "lyrics" and funny too. 


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So let's go on to the next song:

"The hills are alive with the sound of chemo"

(Take it -- anyone!)

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Hearty Pioneer
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Love the song!!

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2timothy1 7
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Very clever and soo true!

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Glad to be done
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Alexandra you crack me up...?  Thanks for always keeping us laughing

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You are SOOOOOOO funny - my daughter and I just read this and laughed and maybe queefed too - looooooool!!!



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