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...that one day we will have a pink heart shape pill that cures all cancers and our biggest complaint will be that it comes only in 6 different flavors. Please, join me in this dream and until then god bless us with nothing but happy hopeful days.


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Would be wonderful.

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Ironically, I heard of that “dream” in 2000 when I was diagnosed. At the time many commented that we were “very close” to find that pill, the Silver Bullet to kill cancer. I think that we are now closer but we need to do something now, not just waiting for that dream to occur. Cancer does not ‘sleep’ or go on vacations.

I love to dream too, however, I prefer it to “feed” on the memories I have away from the cancer.

I hope your dream becomes true for the sake of the man & womankind.


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Great post.  Good luck with surgery and my thought is always laughter is the best medicine.

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