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Mpls. again tomorrow

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We've been in a heat wave here.  The humidity has been almost as high as the temp.  Higher 90's....tropical, wet and just plain icky ! 

We go into the U of M in the morning.  Rolie's appointments first with endo.  And then mine after.  I'm not nervous as I want to figure a few things out in my mind.  I have some pretty hard hitting questions for my onc's.  They're good guys, and I think they'll get it.  They see so much in a day's time.  They will be doing the scoping, and a needle biopsy in office.  I use to have such a phobia of needles.....especially when they're directed at my neck or head.....lol !  Then of coarse labs. 

I will be discussing trials with the medical onc.....but was recently told you have to be healthy enough to be accepted.  Good lord, seriously ?  No, I do understand this.  And I agree why would a person put themselves through the unknown if it'll take 'em out. 

I am getting the things lined up at home.....moving right along.  The lifeline box we received yesterday is really futuristic looking.....and the reach is enough I can be outside and still have range.  I think it's hard to make these choices, and yet I know they need to be made the way I want them.....not by a stranger.   I'm not gonna lie, it sucks to be in this position....but what do you do right ? 

It's sinking in.....even being the stubborn old woman I am.  I still want to get up in the early morning....have my coffee and be off to work by 4:30 a.m.  I really do miss it. 

But I'm still kickin it....and am doing it my way.  Never ever accepted anything less in life.....never will !  Many hugs and warm thoughts sent off to you all !  Katie 

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Will be keeping you tucked in today....sending positive thoughts and prayers.  My mom had a Lifeline thing too....

I'll be keeping you close today.


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Up early this a.m. as it's such a drive.  I'm seriously deliberating on getting back into the closer cancer center only 45 miles away.  These trips are mainly now for tracking anyway.  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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jim and i
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Your fighting spirit inspires me. I pray fpr God's grace and blessingo\s for you.

What is the Lifeline?

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Life line is a unit, (box) where if I get into a medical emergency ....and I'm alone at home I hit a button and they will get me what I need.  Just kind of a safety net so my husband can get out without stressing I'm alone.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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jim and i
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Thanks, I thought it was something like that. Hugs back.


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Good luck on your appointment, let’s hope you get the answers you seek.

You do know that you’re a lifeline of sorts with the H&N Forum.  Through your adversity you show a sense of compassion and humility.

Thoughts and prayers,


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Thank you for your kind words.....they do mean alot.  This forum keeps me positive and moving forward, to whatever lies ahead of me.  We each have our own personal experiences to share, some more positive and powerful than mine.  I wish I could do more, but I will continue to share what I learn as I travel this road.  Hugs sent my friend !   Katie

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Katie, keep the faith and the courage~~

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I'm trying hard to remember mircles do happen.  I'm praying awful hard for those facing more tx's, and believing they will find a way to knock this C-crap outta the park in our lifetimes.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Go K, a lot to be said on doing it your way..... You are not going in blind, you know what you want and how to get there...


Thoughts and prayers always,


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I've been thinking about you and praying for you!!!  ((HUGS))

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karie, sending up lots of prayers for you!!  God bless you.


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If you are closer to St. Cloud the Coborn Cancer Center is an excellent facility. I'm an eight year survivor of tonsil cancer and volunteer there once a week.

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