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abject misery

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So I'm waiting on appointment with surgeon which is the 28th.

Until then, in misery with much pain as things pass through the colon tumor, WHAT? You can't hear my cries of agony??  Trust me, they are there.

Winter MarieSometimes Life just ain't easy

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No it isn't, Ron.

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Hate to hear that you goin through this.  Really hate that people have to be in pain for so long just to wait for appointment.  Stay strong. Sending prayers up.   :)

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Posts: 3642
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I realize when my husband is asking me if he should drive me to the emergency hospital, that maybe my pain is really showing (could be all those OMGod's and Sweet Jesus refrains that keep leaving my mouth, plus the moaning and writhing in pain). So I emailed my oncologist asking if he could give me a prescription for stool softners and pain pills.  We shall see, why oh why did I wait until it got worse on the weekend?

Winter Marie

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So sorry you're going through all this.  Hoping you feel some relief soon.



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“why oh why did I wait until it got worse on the weekend?”


I’ve found that as I got older, the weekends got closer together.


Every time I’ve been hospitalized, it was on a late Friday evening, and too often, just prior to Christmas.


You’re part of “the club”; Welcome!


Seriously, I have some hydrocodone I can overnight to you; I’m not sure if you can use ‘em as a suppository?




Think “healed”,



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 but I share of feeling $hitty tonight with you. 

I wish you a quick relief and a long term resolution.


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Sorry you are in such pain   :(  !

You are strong, hang in there!


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please see if you can get something to control the pain im sorry you are hurting.remember we are family and we are hurting with you...Godbless...johnnybegood

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But stand helpless nearby.  My tumor was in a place where EVERYTHING passed it....nasty....so I can relate just a bit to your suffering!!!


I still needed to work, so I would keep a 'maintenance dose' of Ibuprophen on board at all times, and then, when I would get to my destination for the day, I would take a Vicodin.  It's much easier to cover a breakthru pain spike going from 4 to 8 with strong drugs, than to try to go from 0 to 8 without that 'maintenance level' pain med control already on board...

Love you, dearest....


Hugs, Kathi

Cathleen Mary
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So sorry you are going through this.  Go to ER if you don't hear from doc. You are not alone in having things happen on weekends! 

Hope you have relief Soon.

Cathleen Mary

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I hope you have something by now for pain. It seems to get bad so fast! If you are like me you think it will be better next time, then next time it's worse. Hope you get some relief.

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So very sorry to hear that you are in so very much pain. 

Perhaps a trip to the ER would be a good thing to do...the tumor plus anything in the "pipeline" may be causing an obstruction which is more than you can handle with stool softeners.  It may also get you fast tracked for that surgery to get that tumor out.

Praying that you get relief soon.


Marie who loves kitties

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you shouldn't have to suffer.  If not the ER, get those pain meds STAT!  Hoping that you feel better soon!


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I also agree with Marie .. a trip to ER sounds like the place to be.  I was in the same pain you are discribing at one point in my journey, and that is exactly what happened .. fast tracked and relief! 

My best to you for quick resolution!




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so sorry you are going through this you should go to the er at least they may help with the pain.

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Having been in a situation where no pain relief worked (major anal fissure) so any bathroom runs were a cause for tears and follow-up in the fetal position.  It was so bad that when my husband went to the bathroom, I had empathy pains, and moaned in true agony.  I hope that they can get the pain under control, and address all issues quickly.

Sending gentle hugs and lots of understanding,


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Please get some relief.  You should not have to suffer.  Get on the Dr and have him make it happen.  I am so sorry you are suffering.

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Four more days to surgery must seem like an eternity to you.  Any chance for pain meds?  When I was in the midst of a lot of cancer growth, and had some pretty significant pain, I was given oxycodone.  It worked fairly well (although in my case it caused physical dependency in about two weeks, but if you only take it for a few days, just to get to surgery, that shouldn't be an issue).

Strength and hugs coming your way~AA

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maybe consider putting yourself on a liquid diet at this point?  Totally sucks, I know (worst part of the surgical ordeal for me), but it might really reduce the pain.


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4 more days just to see the surgeon, don't know surgery date, am assuming since have been off chemo since part of April, the stupid tumor keeps growing.  Will probably do the liquid diet, seems like that may be the easier way to go (pun intended).

Thank you everyone, here's to the pain getting better at some point soonest.

Winter Marie

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So sorry for the pain your having.  It reminds me of the pain I had after going through chemo/radiation to the anal cancer I had.  30 days of radiation to that area.  I know that the roxycodone (sp)? helped immensley.  I hope you will have relief soon. Lori

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I'm sorry to hear about your pain. Your onc shouldn't have any hesitation giving pain killers. I'm having a really rough timewith pain and diaries. I had chemo and radiation this week and thy are dousing a number on me. Imeta taking Imodium for diarea and pain pills.  Pray you get some relief soon. Jeff

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i hate this is disease!

hope you feel better


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Joined: Jun 2012


i hate this is disease!

hope you feel better


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Go to Urgent or Walk-in tomorrow should you not be able to use the ER.  Excess pain is not helpful and may make your situation worse.  Sometimes the sufferings of the disease are not educational...AT ALL.

Gentle hugs and hope of blessings for you and your family.


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I'm so sorry you are going through so much pain.  Wish that surgeon would just give you a quick date and get done with what you have to feel better.  I'm praying that you get relief soon.

Hugs! Kim

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Hoping the doc's come up with something soon to aleviate your pain,  this sucks!!   Are you off all chemo's/avastin now in preparation for upcoming surgery?? 

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So sorry, Winter Mary, Yes indeed the liquid diet might help you. I did before my surgery, it sucks, but I put heaps of protein powder in my juice.

Had Probiotic pills and Omega 3 capsules. Stools remainded nice and soft.

Healing wishes going your way, hope surgery will be soon,

Hugs, Marjan


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I've been off since April in preparation for the liver resection I had, then was to go back on in July, then tumor in Colon found during colonoscopy, then was referred to surgeon, then CT/PET scan that was done showed 8x7 cm and 7x6 and another 8x something or another tumors in lungs and thorax so they said, NOPE sorry no surgery for you, then my oncologist went to Stanford to look at the scan results with the reporting radiologist and it was discovered (as my Oncologist had thought) that it should have read "mm" and not "cm" so was okayed again to go for surgery, but had to wait for another appointment to open up which is this Wednesday.  So will find out when surgery date is hopefully on Wednesday.

Am assuming all this time off of chemo has allowed the tumor to grow.  I realized yesterday what the pain felt like, and it feels like labor pains.  Since going liquid diet, instead of labor pains every ten minutes it more like two or three an hour now, which is an improvement of some sort ;).  Can't wait for appt on Wednesday and getting a surgery date.  Instead of giving birth to a baby, I feel like I'm giving birth to a tumor.

Thank you everyone for your sympathies, it does help one feel better!  Knowing many of you have gone through the same pain somehow makes it more endurable, as in "if they could handle it, I can handle it".

Love to you all,

Winter Marie

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I understand the pain you are going through.


We are sending you our thoughts and prayers for ease of pain and a good solution for your tumor removal!

Stay strong!


Best Always,  mike

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You are in my thoughts and prayers. Try to hang in there. I will pray your surgery date hurries up. You are such a special person and such

a valued person. You helped me with encouragement a long time ago. I really value you.

Love from barb


My prayers are for everyone that posts on this board.

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Winter Marie...you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Hopefully they can get you signed up lickety split for surgery!



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Hope you are feeling better and thinking of you.  Sending prayerful thoughts for you surgery.

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