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getting ready for onco appt.

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Havent seen him for 4 weeks. Am going to see f they can do radiation on my right femur/hip less painful. I was told 3 years ago that I couldnt have more rads to pelvic/hip and spine, but this is a little lower than my hip. When I put weight on my right side it sends pain straight up from my knee to my hip! Just hoping for some releif other han increasing pain meds again.
I am so tired of hearing they have done all they can do for me. I am egen thinking of getting another opinion.
Wish me luck.

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I think you should try a second opinion, Carol.  How about asking for an appointment with your radiation oncologist since that is his specialty.  If you no longer have a current one, ask to see the last one you saw or at the radiation center you went.

Please let us know and good luck,


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Will be praying for you.

God bless,


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I am having an MRI of my right femur/hip/pelvic on Thursday.  The rads onco is on the tumor board with my onco, so they will put the results befpre the board.  He is checking to make sure that the increased pain is not from a small fracture, then if I can have more rads to that area, I will see the rads onco who did 2 rounds on hips/spine/pelvic region 2 years ago. 

If it is new tumors in my femur that is causing the issue, I should be able to get it zapped and hopefully it will help with the pain when I walk.  I am also scheduled with a new pain specialist.  I am excited about this one.  She uses holistic medicine in addition to the pain meds.  I have met her and really liked her.  So I am hoping she will have some new ideas, other than just drugging me up! 

I also really like the rads onco, she is straight up, and the last time had some other ideas that worked. So at least I feel like there may be an answer to reducing pain without just increasing the pain meds.  Too hard to fish when I cant make it to the shore!   I was very happy with my onco setting me up with the 'new' pain specialist!  Wish he would have done this rather than me seeing Dr. Numnuts who dismissed me!  Still laugh over that one.

Doris, I will keep you posted.



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Christmas Girl
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With hopes that you'll soon get some really good pain relief.

Kind regards, Susan

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I agree.  I think seeing a radiation oncologist would be a good idea, since you are unsettled.

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I hope your DR will have a plan for pain management.  Let us know how it goes. You're always in my prayers.  Hugs, Linda

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Sending prayers and good thoughts to you.




New Flower
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I am glad things are moving forward. I am pro-holistic in addition to conventional treatment. Acupressure can be helpful for pain management. Check at your wellness community or ask your new pain specialist.

good luck

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keeping you close in my heart, and in prayers my dear sweet Carol.. 


Vicki Sam

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I like the idea that there's new things to try and do. That has a hopeful feel to it and is much better than continuing to be told the same old no to this and no to that that you've been hearing.

You're still in my thoughts and prayers.



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more than 1 option - and opinion!  YOU Rock Carol .. get what you DESERVE - !!


KissVicki Sam

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