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New Flower / Olga -- How are you?

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We are thinking and praying for you .. Please update us when possible.


Love and gentle hugs,


Vicki Sam



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Dear New Flower,

I have been thinking of you too.  How is it going?



New Flower
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It has been very hard to log in. I hope they are working on improvement 

my news are mixed bag. I will try to post ttonight

hugs back

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I also having been wondering how you're doing and sending prayers.  Hope to hear.


Hugs, Renee

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I was thinking of you today so I thought I would post here as well.  I know you are struggling and want to send hugs and prayers your way.  Keep your chin up, you are one stong woman!

Love, Terry

New Flower
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Dear Friends

Thank you for thinking about me.  News about Linda and Claudia moving to the hospice care havemade me very sad and heartbroken. I hope and pray there are feeling comfortable and free of pain

Physically I am feeling better. I returned to my full-time  job and can drive again.!!! If you remember I have been participating in clinical trails and was getting a combination of Faslodex and experimental drug BKM 120. Initially I got shingles, then everything was going ok, however I felt that the combo was very hard to handle. After 3 months on the trial I was temporary took off the drug BKM 120 due to multiple side effects, including liver function and other blood parameters below acceptable range. My AST was 146, ALT 301. Plus I got Chemo brain.  It was awful, took several infusions of fluids , zofran, pepsin, ect. My recovery was slow, and by the time I was going to resume the drug at lower dose  the study sponsor (pharmaceutical company) decided to take me  off BKM120/placebo indefinitely because I have been off so long due to toxicity. Honestly, I am having a nixed feelings about sponsor's decision. while it was toxic at high dose, we belived it was in part efficaciuos against cancer. Here I am, continuing Faslodex treatment and hopping for the best. My CT scan is scheduled for tomorrow 7/22 at 10:40, my visit to oncologist is on 7/25.

I will let you know what is next for me.



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Christmas Girl
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Sending my most hopeful best wishes for good results from your scan tomorrow. Please do keep us posted.

Kind regards, Susan

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