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Survivor checking in at one year mark

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I just filled in rollcall and realized exactly one year ago, i finished my radition on june 27th.  When i was going thru treatment I really liked to read about feedback from patients who have gone thru same.

I am doing really well, here is a update:


1. My energy level is alomost back to what it was before

2. My weight is getting to my original weight and i am struggling for it not to increase 

3. My dry mouth is managable with biotine dry mouth gum and drymouth gel for night time. I take this as part of life for ever.

4. My taste is all normal except i cannot eat anything spicy. Spicy food still burns

5. Have to take really good care of teeth, water pik and brush after every meal. No cavities so far.


Sorry had not been logging too often, promise to be more active when we will be empty nesters in 3 years.


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Congratulations Sam and thanks so much for the update.  My husband just completed is treatment.  I will be sure to share this information with him.


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old bus-mate!!  Glad to hear that you're doing well, and pretty much back to normal.  Don't give up on your saliva yet....remember John (Skiffen) took 2 years to get his all back....so I've decided to use his goal as my goal. Smile  Same on the the eating, as you...nothing too spicy tho I keep giving my old favorite....Mexican food......a try every month or so.

Glad you popped in.


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It is so great to hear such an upbeat update.  Congratulations on a marvelous recovery.  Thank you for sharing.


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to read updates like this one!  It truly encourages me!!  Congrats on the one year mark Cool

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Great news 

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So glad you are doing well! I am about 6 weeks behind you. Have you tried pilocapine tablets for the dry mouth? I am taking those and it does seem to help me. I have also found these lozenges made by ACT that really help when I can't have a drink with me all the time. My taste comes and goes a lot still,  defintely better but still have a ways to go. Keep up the good work!


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Very happy on your progress, sounds like you are doing great!

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Congratulations on the one year anniversary.  You have come a long way from last year.  I am with Phrannie on the 2 year + plan.  Everything seems to be getting better (a little bit at a time).


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This is awesome news Sam!  Hope that every day brings you great things!


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so nice to hear from everyone! howdy fellow bus mate phrannie!

I agree with everyone, 2 year mark will bring things a bit more closure to normal. But as skiffin says our lives will always be a bit abi-normal :)

boardwalkgirl, i will definately look into ACT lozenges.




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