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Treatment Unsuccessful

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The latest CAT Scan indicated that the chemo did not slow or reverse the spread of the cancer. Therefore, the chemo has been discontinued and the cancer is left to run its course. I should expect "months" to live rather than "years".
For a short time, I will feel better as the side effects of the chemo wear off.  There is a lot to absorb. The outcome did not come as a complete surprise; but I was on the other hand not quite ready for it

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I have been wanting to reply to your post for quite some time, but just didn't quite know what to say, still don't. What I can tell you is that this disease has taken aloth of things from good people, and taken a lot of good people. I know during treatment there were times I wished I would just pass, and not have to deal with this crap, but alas that was not in my cards. I try to not be overly religious, but I do believe there is something for us after this life, and I am sure you have spent plenty of time considering that. I wish you the best, and may you and your loved ones find peace. Thank you for all the positive support you provided me during treatment, it really meant a lot to me,,,,, you are a good person,,,Godspeed....

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My apologies for my untimely response. I too, am saddend by this news.. Being the wife and mother of two brave cancer fighters, I know how relentless this beast can be. Please try to be relentless in your defense. Never, ever give up!

I hope your chemo effects have lessened to where you are feeling better. You have proven them wrong before.



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You have my prayers.

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Pam M
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I'm asking for help for you.

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I'm sorry I have not responded yet to your post.  I've been so busy with finding my mother an assisted living facility.


There are two camps out there Rick, niether of them is bad / better than the other, just different.  One camp says we feel horrible abou the news, prayers and blessing to you...the other camp says "hold on, we still believe in miracles and will be praying for one" ....as you probably guessed, I fall into the later :)


It hurts my heart to read your news.  Such a fighter you are ...before I hit post I whispered a prayer to grant "Rick a miracle and / or many more years of quality life with his family" ...it came from the heart and gut to the good Lord.


Keep us posted Rick ....you already know we care.



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Rick, i really dont know you but i read your post last night and was overwhelmed and didnt know what to say so i said nothing. that news can come to any one of us and it really hit home.i see you have been a long timer since 2010, but i dont know what you have exactly. i had thought that chemo was more of an insurance policy than a primary treatment for head and neck cancers. my thinking is that i am sure you have already done this but is radiation an option to shrink whatever the primary is? You are in my thoughts and prayers, and i pray for a miracle for you.

Good luck,


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i had thought that chemo was more of an insurance policy than a primary treatment for head and neck cancers.

Chemo will NOT kill primary cancerous tumors or nodes. It WILL kill microscopic stray cancer cells, so it is a good treatment as you say for insurance. Chemo is rarely held out as a curative treatment but usually pallative, meaning the outcome is to prolong the growth and to hopefully reduce but not eliminate the cancer. People can live for years on chemo since it keeps cancer in check but does not kill it off completely. don


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