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Chemo and no no foods

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my onc told me no St. John's warts, grape seed extract and Seville oranges as it interferes with chemo.   Is it also true should not have grapefruit parts ruby ones?

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My oncologist was the same and only allowed me to take Proto-col vitamins.

If you want to go down the herbal route as well as chemo, I am hoping one of our experienced members on juicing etc will pop up.

Yep juicing over the years, I have read on here from many is something that helps. Also chinese herbal medicine, john where are you for that!

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Dr. Lenz told me NO Way on Grapefruit!  We love our Ruby Reds or Palmettos in the morning. I have not had one in 7 months. :(


Best Always,  mike

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google p450 and phase 1, for some grapefruit helpful. ie stage 1 ovet shooting stage 2 detox pathways liver, cannot these doctors read and think how unique ewach patients needs are  no wonder we die with bs avice everywhete. it was prescubed for me, that said avoiding a day before during and syraight after ipt could vbe considered.

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