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Dense breast tissue

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I already knew that but I just got formal letter from Imagining Dept stating it makes it harder to detect issues and HIGHER RISK of cancer. OTHER THEN that all good..!



Pink Rose
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I have dense breasts too. That is why my onco has me get an ultrasound and a MRI besides the mammogram.  Congrats on the all good!


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Always a relief to hear, huh?  Linda

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Glad you got some good news!

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Thanks all



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I was going to my Breast specialist for 12 years getting mammos and ultrasounds every 6 months. They were completely useless!

You are lucky your Dr orders an MRI.

The MRI with contrast was the only test that showed my cancer.It only showed it in one breast and not the other and I had it in both and I was a Stage 2. I also have triple negative BC and if I listened to my Dr and went home that day I would not be here typing to you now.

I wish I knew all that before I would have never had another mammo or ultrasound again...it was a waste of time for me and it almost cost me my life!


If you are dense just get the MRI with contrast.

You will be safer that way!!!

All the Best (((HUGS)))



Cheryl S
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My doctor also always orders a MRI along with the mammogram and ultrasound.  I hate the MRI's, but, I know how important they are.


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Megan M
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Having dense breasts does make it harder to detect.  I am glad I get an annual MRI now with my other tests.  Insurance companies don't like paying for them, but, too bad.  They are life savers!


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